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How to Choose Your Jet Nozzle

When selecting your hydro jet nozzle, there are 3 questions you should be asking.
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Best Sellers

  • Warthog X 1

    Warthog X Nozzle

    $1,590.00$1,950.00 Add to Cart
  • 1/2" Warthog Nozzle
    Jet Nozzle

    1/2″ Warthog Nozzle

    $1,031.00 Add to Cart
  • Egghead Nozzle
    General Purpose

    Egghead Nozzle

    $235.00$495.00 Add to Cart
  • ENZ Egghead Penetrator Nozzle
    Jet Nozzle

    ENZ Egghead Penetrator Nozzle

    $215.00$633.00 Add to Cart
  • 1/4" Mini Super Spin - WV
  • 1" Super Spin IV - WG - 1
    Jet Nozzle

    1/2″ Super Spin II – WH

    $1,850.00$2,060.00 Add to Cart
  • 1" Super Spin IV - WG - 1
  • ENZ Grenade Bomb
    Jet Nozzle

    ENZ Grenade Bomb

    $185.00$1,133.00 Add to Cart
  • Flexible WS Descaling Head
  • Chisel Nozzle
  • Cleaning Nozzle 3D
    Jet Nozzle


    $200.00$910.00 Add to Cart
  • ENZ Chisel Nozzle
    General Purpose

    ENZ Chisel Nozzle

    $160.23$541.00 Add to Cart
  • Dragon Jet Wing Extension
    Jet Nozzle

    Dragon Jet Wing Extension

    $270.00$470.00 Add to Cart
  • Egg Nozzle
    Jet Nozzle

    Egg Nozzle – ½″

    $403.00 Add to Cart
  • Jointed Flexible Superspin
  • ENZ Bent Roto Drill
    General Purpose

    ENZ Bend Rotodrill

    $465.00$474.00 Add to Cart
  • ENZ Bulldog Nozzle
    General Purpose

    ENZ Bulldog Nozzle

    $2,070.00$3,682.00 Add to Cart
  • 1" Super Spin IV - WG - 1
  • ENZ Cutting Ball CB90
    Jet Nozzle

    Enz ½” Cutting Ball

    $2,575.00$2,652.00 Add to Cart
  • VAC Pump
    Jet Nozzle

    VAC Pump

    $995.00 Add to Cart
  • Sand And Sludge Nozzle
  • ENZ Turbine Chain Scraper
    Jet Nozzle

    ENZ Turbo Chain Scraper

    $2,384.00$2,765.00 Add to Cart
  • ENZ Chain Flail Pipe Scraper
  • 1/4" Milling Cutter
  • FS Nozzle 3D
  • Jet Nozzle

    1/2″ Milling Cutter

    $1,495.00$2,270.00 Add to Cart
  • Jet Extensions

    Jet Extensions

    $52.00$67.00 Add to Cart
  • Monro-Jet
  • PDR Nozzle
    Jet Nozzle

    PDR Nozzle

    $595.00 Add to Cart
  • Penetrator Nozzle
    General Purpose

    Penetrator Nozzle

    $139.00 Add to Cart
  • Pipe Wolf – ½
    Jet Nozzle

    Pipe Wolf – ½″

    $1,085.00 Add to Cart
  • Primus Nozzle
    Jet Nozzle

    Primus Nozzle – ½″

    $1,671.44 Add to Cart
  • Reaper Rotating Nozzle
    Jet Nozzle

    Reaper Rotating Nozzle – 1F / 4R

    $760.00$1,092.00 Add to Cart
  • Rebuild Kit for 1” Rotodrill Nozzle
  • Rebuild Kit for 1” Rotodrill Nozzle
  • Rocket Nozzle 3D
  • Jet Nozzle

    1/2″ Bulldog W/ Descaling Head

    $2,200.00$2,359.00 Add to Cart
  • Jet Nozzle

    Rotopulse Nozzle

    $263.00$1,643.00 Add to Cart
  • Rotor Nozzle
  • RPD Chisel Nozzle
    General Purpose

    RPD Chisel Nozzle

    $235.00$460.00 Add to Cart
  • RPD Towing Nozzle
    General Purpose

    RPD Towing Nozzle

    $174.00 Add to Cart
  • Digger Nozzle – ½
  • Skids
    Jet Nozzle


    $67.50$135.00 Add to Cart
  • General Purpose

    Slim Spin Nozzle

    $410.00 Add to Cart
  • Superspin Descaling Head
    Jet Nozzle

    Superspin Descaling Head

    $1,958.00$2,550.00 Add to Cart
  • Turbo 0 nozzle
  • Warthog Fast Oil
    Jet Nozzle

    Warthog Fast Oil

    $32.00 Add to Cart
  • Warthog Oil Syringe
    Jet Nozzle

    Warthog Oil Syringe

    $39.00 Add to Cart
  • Warthog Fast Oil
    Jet Nozzle

    Warthog Slow Oil

    $32.00 Add to Cart
  • 1/2" RPD Kit
    General Purpose

    1/2″ RPD Kit

    $595.00 Add to Cart
  • Nozzles RPD
  • Jet Nozzle

    HRV Nozzle

    $530.00$2,745.00 Add to Cart
  • Ball Jet Nozzle
    General Purpose

    Ball Jet Nozzle

    $53.00$80.00 Add to Cart
  • Dragon Jet Nozzle

    Dragon Jet Nozzle

    $800.00$1,061.00 Add to Cart
  • 3/8" Mini Super Spin - WT
  • Jet Nozzle

    Rotodrill Nozzle

    $386.00$670.00 Add to Cart

Water & Sewer Jetter Nozzles

Choosing your jet nozzle is a crucial decision for success in your jetting application. Most nozzles are designed for specific purposes, so first it is important to determine what your nozzle will be cleaning. Categories below are the most common jetting applications.

  • Roots/grease: the best hose jet nozzles for roots and grease are generally nozzles that are able to spin within the pipe. This allows for a full 360 degree cleaning that can breakdown the grease and roots.
  • Culvert: heavy, high pressure water hose nozzles are most often utilized in culvert cleaning to keep the nozzle near the bottom of the pipe. Culvert cleaning generally requires high flow and lower pressure to fully clear the line.
  • General-purpose: many nozzles can be used as multi-purpose nozzles. These are great for every plumber to have on hand.

How to Choose Your Jet Nozzle

Selecting your hydro jet nozzle is an important part of running your jetting business. It’s important to know what your intended applications are and the size of the pipes you’ll most commonly be working in. For example, the needs of a sewer jetter nozzle and a nozzle for residential use are quite different.

Hydro nozzles come in a variety of configurations to help tackle any multitude of jetting jobs. For most plumbers, an all purpose nozzle such as RPD nozzles are great to have on hand. This style of nozzle can be used in residential drains with mud and debris blockages which many contractors come across.

If your plumbing business works in a lot of commercial areas, you might find that a rotating nozzle such as a Flexible Superspin is necessary. These nozzles spin in the pipe as they clean to give a full 360 degree clean. For municipal contractors that work in commercial applications, a storm drain or culvert nozzle would be an appropriate purchase. These heavy nozzles are weighted to stay at the bottom of the pipes while blasting out dense debris such as sand, sludge, and rocks.

Always Happy to Serve You

Getting you the right tools for the job all in one place is why we’re in business, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us. When you speak with one of our experienced team members, they’ll be happy to help you figure out what jet nozzle, or other equipment, you need to get the best results on the first try. Contact us now to get started.

A jet nozzle or jetter head is the part attached to the end of your high pressure jetting hose that determines how and where the pressurized water goes. Rotating nozzles spin to give the pipe a full 360 degree clean. Forward jets help penetrate through blockages, while rear jets push the nozzle up the pipe.

There are endless types of nozzles, so speak to your US Jetting representative to determine what would be the best solution for your hydro jetting service.
Sewer jetting nozzles are all designed to tackle specific applications. Jetter nozzles with forward jets are best used in pipes with blockages that they must blast through. Jet nozzles with rear jets are very common because the rear jets push the nozzle up the pipe to clean it. Rotating nozzles spin to give the pipe a full 360 degree clean.
Different jetting nozzles require different cleaning techniques. Many nozzles can be cleaned with tip cleaners, but those cannot be used on ceramic inserts.
To determine what sewer jetting nozzle is most suitable for your hydro jetting, you’ll need to determine what application, pipe size, and brand you would like to use. On the main nozzle page of our website, we provide filters to help narrow your search based on these criteria. For example, if you’re searching for a general purpose nozzle in 6” pipes to clean roots, you can see that there are various ½” sewer jetter nozzles like the RPD nozzles that can easily tackle those jobs.
You simply attach the female threaded nozzle to the end of the male pipe thread of the high pressure jetting hose.
The size of the nozzle depends on the pipe size you’re working in. Here is a guide to help with this determination.
Nozzle Size Pipe Size Best Suited
1/4″ 2” – 4”
3/8 3” – 6
1/2″ 4” – 10”
3/4” 10” – 14”
1” 12” +
The jets on a nozzle are purposely designed to tackle specific applications. For example, a nozzle with many rear jets might be used to push the nozzle up the pipe while flushing the debris back. If a nozzle has various front jets, that means it’s best suited to penetrate blockages. To decide which sewer cleaning nozzles are most appropriate for your application, call your US Jetting representative.
Nozzles are sold for a wide variety of pricing, so visit our nozzle pages for costing or call your US Jetting representative for more information.
A well cared for nozzle that is regularly maintained should lastat least a year.