Egghead Nozzle


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RPD EGGHEAD NOZZLE has either 4 rear and 4 forward nozzles at 18 GPM or 6 rear 4 forward nozzles at 25 GPM. With either configuration, the two piece nozzle comes with a rounded cap for maneuverability and a removable front cap for easy cleaning. It has specially contoured internal geometry to allow the water to enter and exit very efficiently. The USJ Egghead is made of case hardened steel and is available for use with high pressure 1/2”, 3/4” and 1” hoses. They are suitable for pressures ranging from 2,000 – 10,000 PSI and flows from 14 GPM to 65 GPM.


  • Case hardened steel
  • Two piece nozzle for easy cleaning and efficient flow
  • Rounded cap for maneuverability

The Egghead Penetrator Nozzle differs from the Chisel Nozzle by a rounded nose. With forward jets to bore through blockages and rear jets for thrust, the Egghead Penetrator Nozzle can increase the performance of any high pressure jetting unit. It is a great nozzle to use when cutting through heavy grease deposits or root masses.

The USJ Egghead is made of anodized steel. It offers a two-piece design for easy cleaning of internal passages. It is available for use with high pressure jetting hoses sized from 3/8″ to 1-1/4″ diameters. Eggheads are available with a variety of configurations, so please call US Jetting at 1-800-538-8464 for more details.