1/2″ Flexible Super Spin – WS


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  • Hose Size: ½”
  • Pipe Size: 4-6”
  • Application: Grease & Roots
  • Pressure & Flow: 4000 PSI at 18GPM
  • Jet Configuration: 1 Forward Jet, 2 Rear Jets

1/2″ Warthog Flexible SuperSpin – WS is one of US Jetting’s most popular nozzles for grease, roots, and sewer applications in 4 – 6” pipes. The 1/2″ 4000 PSI 18 GPM (4018) nozzle is often selected for restaurant and food processing facilities for its impressive capabilities with grease. However, this sewer nozzle, also commonly referred to as a “Root Rat”, is equally effective in removing roots from lateral lines and descaling pipes


Every 5 – 7 times the sewer jet nozzle is used.
Yes, the Flexible Superspin is entirely rebuildable and all parts are available individually.
No, you must use the oil specific to the type of jet nozzle.
Steel inserts that can be cleaned regular tip cleaners.
Yes, just specify on your online order or call in, and US Jetting can custom make the nozzle for you.
Yes, it is. Call in to your USJ rep to order a 2J-349-37 Flexible Super Spin Head Only.
Remove the port screw, thread in the syringe, and inject the fluid.
Inject the oil until the oil oozes out of the back of the nozzle.
No, the syringe, oil, and a common flat head screw driver are all that’s required.

Yes, there is a centralizer that can be purchased which allows the full rotation of the head without impeding any water streams but protects the nozzle head from the pipe walls. That part number is 2J-349-55 and can be found here.

Yes, they are two names for the same nozzle. It is also sometimes called a Root Rat.