3040 Power Flushing


The 3040 [3000 PSI 40 GPM] is an industrial strength machine designed to clean large sewers or storm drains. Powered by a 115 HP Tier 4 Diesel Engine, the 3000 PSI 40 GPM unit is an ideal machine for municipalities and contractors. The 3 cylinder ceramic plunger pump is directly driven via a reduction gearbox eliminating the need for any belts or pulleys. It is available with up to 750 gallons of water storage on a tandem axle trailer and up to 1000 gallons mounted on certain trucks. The unit comes standard with one hydraulic powered reel with 500′ (150 M) of 3/4″ hose. It is also available with a second reel that can be fitted with 500′ of 1/2″ hose.


The 3000PSI at 40GPM machine works best in pipes 6”+.

The 3000PSI at 40GPM is a power flushing machine, because it has both high pressure and high flow. It is an industrial unit commonly used by contractors and municipalities to clean and remove obstructions from large sewers and storm drains.

The 3040 Power Flushing machine has 3000 PSI and a flow rate of 40 GPM. It is available with 750 gallons of water storage on a tandem axle trailer or up to 1000 gallons on certain trucks.

All power flush machines are designed to tackle larger sewer systems, culverts, and storm drains. The main differentiator between units is their pressure, flow rates, and customization options. When choosing a power flusher, it is important to understand the requirements your jetting applications will have.

The 3040 and 2065 units are ideal for large sewer systems and pipes, with the 2065 offering more power to clear major blockages. The 3030 unit is more versatile and can be equipped with different hoses and nozzles to effectively clean large pipes or scale down for light commercial lines. The 3030 unit is ideal when a job requires more flushing power than the 4018 and 4025 sewer jetters can handle.

For most high flow high pressure needs, the 3036 jetting machine is a more economical jetter without compromising power. By simply getting a nearly unnoticeable 4 GPM less than the 3040, the 3036 machine is fitted with a Hatz T4 74HP engine and US Jetting pump. It is considerably less expensive than the 3040 while achieving nearly identical results.

The 3040 power flush machine uses high pressure to penetrate through hard and/or heavy debris, while the high flow flushes the dispersed material back.

Yes, US Jetting manufactures and sells three different types of power flushing machines, each with unique capabilities and features. Our products include:

  • 3040 Power Flushing
  • 3030 Medium Flushing
  • 2065 Max Flushing

Contact a US Jetting representative to determine which power flush machine suits your work

The 3040 power flushing model has the following features that set it apart from other models:
  • 3000 PSI, 40 GPM
  • 750-gallon water tank capacity on a tandem axle trailer
  • Up to 1000-gallon water tank capacity on certain trucks
  • 115 HP Tier 4 Diesel Engine (John Deere or Perkins brand)
  • High flow 3 cylinder plunger pump
  • Option to add on secondary reel
  • Equipped with a hydraulic-powered reel with 500’ of 3/4″ hose

No, the 3040 Power Flushing machine is not available to rent at this time. Depending on the job, US Jetting has the 4025 and 4018 sewer jetters available to rent, which could be suitable alternatives.

Contact a US Jetting representative to determine which machine and purchasing option is best for your work.