4025 – Max Versatility

The 4025 [4000 PSI 25 GPM] is US Jetting’s most versatile jetting machine. This drain cleaning machine has the capacity to work in 1” – 48” lines. With 4000 PSI cutting power combined with 25GPM flushing ability, the 4025 sewer jetter can handle all of your tough jet jobs. This jetting machine has a variety of application uses, such as municipal water systems to residential plumbing, industrial farming, prisons, and other large facilities.

With 4000PSI pressure, the 4025 maintains the power of a 4018 but magnifies the flushing capability with the added gallons per minute. This gives it endless applications, from smaller residential lines to tough jobs with grease and root cutting to larger culvert cleaning and storm drain jetting. It will make quick work of major tasks, including clearing hard blockages and tough roots along sewer lines. With this additional efficiency and power, you’ll save time and have a more profitable business overall. The 4025 unit can work in pipes ranging from 1″ – 48” and come standard equipped with 500 ft of 5/8″ hose. You can add to its standard package with customized options suitable for your type of work, such as changing to a remote control panel, updating to a hydraulic power pull-out reel, or adding a mounted mini jet kit, and more. Reach out to US Jetting specialists to discuss if this is the right drain cleaning machine for your application. We want to make sure you get the equipment that will best benefit your business.


The 4025 sewer jetter is one of the most versatile jetters on the market, and it is considered the step up in size from the 4018. With 4000 PSI pressure and 25 GPM flow, it is designed to tackle a wide range of jetting jobs, from clearing small residential lines to removing obstructions from large culverts and storm drains.

The 4025 sewer jetter is suitable for most applications such as clearing roots, grease, sand, sludge, or rocks in pipes, culverts, or storm lines up to 24”.

The 4025 is designed to work in pipes sizes 4”-24”. By adding a smaller mini jet accessory hose and utilizing the bypass valve, you can also work in smaller pipes than 4”.

If the majority of your jetting jobs work in pipes 10” and up, then a 4025 is the more suitable option. If you’re generally working in pipes 4”-6”, then a 4018 would be a better choice.
The key features and components of the 4025 sewer jetter are:
  • Pressure: 4000 PSI
  • Flow rate/flushing ability: 25 GPM
  • Standard equipped with 500 ft of 5/8” hose
  • 300-gallon or 600-gallon water tank capacity
  • 74 Horsepower Hatz Tier 4 – 4 Cylinder Engine
  • Control panel options of “Tier 4 Basic Non-Remote” or “JMS Elite Remote”
Customization options include adding a second reel or mounting various mini jet kits on the trailer (mounting options including toolbox, rear rail, tongue, etc).
Putting a ½” hose on a 4025 defeats the purpose of the 4025. With the smaller ½” hose size restricting flow, it turns the 4000PSI at 25GPM machine into a 4000PSI at 18GPM. The 4025 machine is more expensive than the 4018 machine (larger engine, pump, etc), so it would mean paying extra for the same performance as a 4018.
Despite the 4025 sewer jetter having a 5/8” jetter hose, the ends of the hose are ½”, so all nozzles will be ½” nozzles built for 25GPM flow. There are a wide variety of nozzles that can be used with a 4025 including Stoneage/Warthog, Enz, and US Jetting nozzles. Contact a US Jetting representative to determine which nozzle would work best in your application.
The 4025 is a high pressure water jetter. All jetting machines use high pressure water to remove debris, cut roots, clear obstructions, and clean pipes and sewer systems.

The maximum pressure of the 4025 jetter is 4000 PSI, and the maximum flow rate is 25 GPM. If you are unsure about the pressure and flow rate needed for a job, be sure to speak to your US Jetting representative. They can help you determine which jetter is needed for your specific task.

The 4025 sewer jetter can work in residential and commercial lines by adding a smaller accessory hose to all the machine to scale down to pipes under 4”. Generally 4025 machines are used in 4” and larger pipes which often include storm drains and culverts.

To keep your 4025 sewer jetter operating and in optimal condition, performing routine maintenance before every use, at specific intervals, and annually is necessary. Here is an overview of the maintenance required for each timeframe:

Before every use:
  • Inspect the hose for damage.
  • Check the water filter bowl and mesh filter to clear any debris.
  • Ensure the sock filter is present and clean.
  • Check the oil levels for the pump and the engine.
Specific intervals:
  • Tier 3 fluid filter change: After the first 50 hours of operation, then every 250 hours or once a year (whichever comes first).
  • Tier 4 fluid filter change: After the first 50 hours of operation, then every 500 hours or once a year (whichever comes first).
  • Tighten the pump mounting and adjustment bolts once a month.
  • Check frames for any cracks.
  • Check brakes (when applicable).
  • If you have hydraulic brakes, check your hydraulic reservoir to ensure it is still full of liquid.
  • Check safety chains for any weak or worn areas.
Additionally, US Jetting offers a complete check during preventative maintenance or service appointments to ensure your unit performs optimally. Contact US Jetting to learn more about our maintenance services.
Yes, the 4025 sewer jetter is available to rent or purchase. Rentals are available at our California and Georgia offices and numerous dealers across the US. We offer daily, weekly, and monthly rental rates:
  • Daily: Starting at $375
  • Weekly: Starting at $1,375
  • Monthly: Starting at $5,500
The exact cost will depend on the rental duration and any additional parts needed, such as nozzles. Contact our representatives today to learn more about sewer jetter rentals.

US Jetting will repair or replace free of charge any parts or components manufactured by U.S. Jetting LLC, which fails due to faulty manufacture or material within twelve months (except Valves, O-Rings, Software, Filters, Tires, High-Pressure Hoses, and Swivel Joints, which shall be warranted for three months) of the date of dispatch from our factory.

For complete warranty information and conditions, contact US Jetting.

We also offer service and support available from one of our experienced professionals. Call us at 866-382-0557 or contact us through our website to speak with a representative.

Yes, the 4025 sewer jetter can be used in cold temperatures, but when the unit is inactive, the standard equipped anti-freezing system must be used to prevent the pump from freezing.

In extreme cold conditions, putting the jetters in an enclosed van, truck, or trailer is recommended. An enclosed unit is required if temperatures in your area routinely go to 10 degrees Fahrenheit or lower.