ENZ Egghead Penetrator Nozzle


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The Enz Egghead Penetrator is an all-purpose hydro jet nozzle. With (up to) four jets in the front of the nozzle, it maximizes the power to blast through debris. The six rear jets work in tandem with the front jets to help to push the nozzle down the line. The Enz Egghead nozzle is designed to work as an all-purpose nozzle with the capacity to deal with grease or light roots.

These hydro jet nozzles are made of wear-resistant, hardened steel, with a sturdy wall thickness to minimize wear and tear for a longer service life. In addition, all inserts can be removed and interchanged for cleaning and for adjustment of flow. Various configurations are available depending on what level of penetration is needed for your specific job. Inserts can be ordered in many sizes to obtain desired working pressure & flow with the optional configurations of 6 rear 1 forward, 6 rear only, and 6 rear 4 forward. Ask your USJ parts sales representative for other available sizes.
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