3030 Medium Flushing

The 3030 [3000 PSI 30 GPM] is a powerful and versatile sewer jetter unit. From city sewers to large diameter culverts, this machine takes everything in its stride. If you need more flushing power than a 4025 or 4018, the 3030 can fill that demand perfectly. This machine maintains a high pressure of 3000PSI but has the added force of 30GPM to flush out large drains with tough blockages. With the right accessories, such as a mini jet hose, the 3030 machines can scale down to clean small residential pipes or use their full power to blast heavy debris in storm drains.

Operating at 3000 PSI, the USJ 3030 sewer jetter will give you the ability to tackle various jobs, from heavy sand, rocks, and debris to tough grease and roots. Equipped with 500’ of 3/4″ hose, this unit makes short work of any task. With 30 GPM flow and a 750-gallon water tank capacity, you can get more work done before having to refill. This saves you and your crew time and will therefore help make your business more profitable in the long run. It is an ideal machine for municipalities or contractors that want to cover all applications, both large and small. You’ll be bringing the 3030 around to a lot of jobs, so it’s great that it has multiple mounting options to suit your current equipment. While the trailer setup is the standard package, this machine can also be installed on an open truck bed or into an enclosed truck or trailer with ease. Not sure if the 3030 is the right option for you? The experts at US Jetting have helped many people decide on the best sewer jetters and other equipment for their work. Reach out to us today to discuss your options and be sure about your choice.