Warthog X Nozzle


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Designed with extended life durability, the Warthog X jetter nozzle is one of the most powerful nozzles in the industry for pulling/descaling in 3-8″ pipes. This sewer jet nozzle has one forward jet to penetrate debris, two 90 degree jets to clean the pipe walls, and two rear jets to propel the nozzle up the pipe while flushing back debris. It is compact in size and the combination of fixed and low-angle rear rotary jets optimize pulling and cutting/descaling power. It features the same power you are accustomed to with Warthog nozzles, but now also features jets at a 90 degree angle coming from the tip of the nozzle. This gives you more power to clear a drain right the first time.


  • Adjustable jet sizes can focus the flow on pulling or towards descaling and cutting
  • Premium carbide components extend life durability
  • Viscous fluid ports simplify field maintenance (Fast Fluid required)
  • Unique shape and design to easily maneuver long radius elbow
  • Nozzle is entirely rebuildable