US Jetting Rental Locations

Are you looking for a hydro jetter for a one-time job? Is your water jetter in the repair shop and you need one in a pinch to complete a job? Unsure if you want to invest in a hydro jet and want to try it out before deciding to buy?

US Jetting has the perfect solution for you. We manufacture top-of-the-line high-pressure hydro jetters, nozzles, and hoses across the United States which are also available as rentals. Whether you’re a veteran jet operator or trying one out for the first time, renting a US Jetting unit is a great option. Our Rent-a-Jet fleet of high-pressure water jet rentals is available at our Georgia and California office plus with various dealers through the US.

All rental units are 4000PSI at 18GPM and come with a set of two US Jetting RPD nozzles that can help tackle all general purpose applications. For more specific applications, a variety of rental nozzles are available. For grease and root cutting, we offer a Flexible Superspin Warthog which is perfect for pipes 4” – 6”. For larger pipes and culverts, a Dragon Jet is also available to blast through heavy sand or debris.

Call your US Jetting representative today to take advantage of our hydro jet rental programs and find your local Rent-a-Jet!

What Are Hydro Jet Rentals?

Hydro jetters are specialized equipment that use high pressure water to clear out buildup and blockage in sewers, pipes, and other applications. It’s the most efficient and effective way to solve most drain issues.

When you don’t need to or are not yet ready to purchase a machine of your own, our hydro jet rentals are an ideal solution. If you’re searching for commercial sewer jetter rentals “near me,” US Jetting is your top choice. Our rental units maintain the same high quality as our new high pressure jetting units to help you get the job done right. Learn more about our rental program by giving us a call today.

How Much Do Hydro Jet Rentals Cost?

The cost of hydro-jet rentals varies depending on the duration required for the rental and location rented from. Contact our jetter rental company today to learn more and get a free quote.

Why Rent Hydro Jetters?

Hydro jet rentals are a practical and efficient solution to your hydro jetting equipment needs.
There are plenty of benefits to subscribing to our rental programs:

Satisfies your short-term needs. Whether your unit is under repair, or you need an extra hydro jet for a specific job, sewer jetter rentals are an ideal solution. It’s an efficient way to meet your deadlines and fill your job requirements.


Testing before buying. If you want to see how a US Jetting machine operates, rentals provide a great opportunity. Gain experience with the normal functions of high pressure water jetting so when you decide to buy, you feel confident in your expertise.


Cost-Efficient. Hydro Jets are a significant investment. If jetting is only a small fraction of what you do, instead of spending for a unit that you won’t get full use of, renting is the perfect alternative. You are able to complete your job without having to make a substantial investment.


We look forward to helping you keep things flowing!



If you have any problems with your hydrojet rental, simply call your US Jetting representative to see if they help you in the field by troubleshooting, or if the unit needs to be returned for a repair.

To rent a sewer jetter rental, please provide proof of insurance and payment in advance.

Yes. The whole rental must be paid in full in advance.

You can call in to US Jetting and extend your rental duration by notifying the team and giving additional payment.

Your hydro jet drain cleaning rental must be returned to the same location you picked it up at.

To have your sewer jetter rental delivered to you the cost is $1.50 per mile each for both trips.

Search trailer jetter rental near me and you can find the nearest US Jetting facility for rentals. Call ahead to ensure availability of the rentals.

To rent a hydrojet rental it is $350 per day plus tax. Weekly rentals are available at $1250 and monthly rentals are $5000.

Simply return your rental jetter to whichever facility you picked it up from.

Call 1-800-538-8464 to reach any US Jetting representative.