Van Pack


The fully redesigned van pack reaches a new level of compactness without compromising power. The same industry favorite 4000PSI at 18GPM model is outfitted with a 150 gallon water tank and pivoting power pull out hose reel with a full 500’ of ½” high pressure hose. In addition to the main hose reel, the condensed jetting package also includes a mini reel and an electric inlet garden hose reel. This compact jetting unit has all the same bells and whistles as a trailer jetter including the run-dry pump and diesel engine but can fit in most standard high roof vans including Transit, Sprinter, and ProMaster. The van pack is also available with pressures of 3,000 – 4,000 PSI and flows of 8 – 18 GPM.



A van pack drain jetter is a high-pressure water jetter housed within a high-roof van, which allows operators to equip their current vehicles with a compact jetting unit. These hydro jetters are mainly recommended for jetting in cold climates, as an enclosed space is necessary to prevent the machine’s pump from freezing. They are also popular in densely populated areas where traveling with a trailer is more difficult.

The van pack is equipped with a 4000PSI at 18GPM jetting package. It is designed to clean sewer lines ranging from 2”-12”, making it a versatile tool to tackle clogs in a variety of pipes. The unit has a 150-gallon water tank with the option to upgrade to 300 gallons. It also comes with an anti-freeze system and an optional remote-control panel.

Skid Dimensions: 89” Long x 53.25” Wide x 59.25” High
Weight Empty: 2500 lbs / Weight Full (150 Gallon): 3750lb

We can install a jetter in any van that meets the following requirements.

  • Minimum Payload (for unit only – must factor in any additional equipment such as cameras): 4000lbs
  • Minimum Wheel Well Clearance: 53.25” (mounting base available to lift above more narrow wheel wells)
  • Must have rear door and at least one side door (preferably two for easier access and air flow)

We recommend that you only purchase your vehicle after placing your jetter order with US Jetting, so we can ensure the van meets all requirements for the jetting installation and performance.

The van-mounted jetter offers the same pressure and flushing capability as the 4018 jetter at 4000PSI and 18GPM, but in a more compact design to fit in an enclosed van. This unit also comes with a main hose reel, a mini reel, and an electric inlet garden hose reel.

The best way to inquire about the pricing and availability of a Van Pack Jetter is to request a quote through our website or call our office at 770-740-9917. The pricing and availability will depend on the chosen customization options and add-ons.

US Jetting installs the jetter at our manufacturing facility in Georgia. We work closely with our customers and our engineering team to ensure the jetter is installed safety and securely to maximize the van space efficiently.

Van packs offer the same technology present in trailer-mounted hydro jetters, but in a more compact size. With a pressure range of 3000-4000PSI and a flow rate of 8-18 GPM, the van pack has the versatility to clear various lines of debris.

Yes, van packs can be customized with specific features and add-ons to fulfill an operator’s needs. Some customization options include the water tank capacity and remote-control panel option. US Jetting is committed to creating jetting equipment that aligns with our clients’ needs. Contact us to learn more about the options available for these units.