Sand And Sludge Nozzle


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The Sand and Sludge Nozzle is designed for cleaning heavy debris in large pipes. With a flat weighted stainless steel head, 2 zero degree jets, and 2 fan jets, the nozzle easily glides over debris while allowing the rear jets to provide maximum thrust and cleaning power for large pipes. The Sand and Sludge Nozzle is designed specifically for the 4018 with a 1/2″ hose, but other configurations are available. The 9” drain jet extension is included.

The Sand and Sludge Nozzle is a great accessory for municipalities and contractors who work in culverts or larger pipes. With a flat head design, the weighted nozzle can easily maneuver over heavy debris while flushing out the sludge. This nozzle is most often used with 4018 units with ½” hoses.