ENZ Chisel Nozzle


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The ENZ CHISEL NOZZLE is a great all-purpose nozzle that can tackle general debris such as grease or light roots. Various sizes are available to work in a range of pipe sizes.  The Enz Chisel Nozzles have multiple forward firing jets that penetrate blockages while the rear jets provide thrust to push the nozzle up the pipe.

The ENZ CHISEL NOZZLE is a great nozzle to keep in any jetting toolbox for general pipe cleaning. The Enz Chisel Nozzle has multiple forward firing jets and rear facing jets. Forty percent of pressurized water flow is directed to the four forward jets to give the nozzle cutting and penetration power, while the remaining sixty percent is directed towards the four rear jets to provide thrust for propulsion. Ask your USJ parts sales representative for other available sizes, pressures and flows.