1/2″ Super Spin II – WH


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  • Hose Size: ½”
  • Pipe Size: 8-12”
  • Application: Grease & Roots
  • Pressure & Flow: 4000 PSI at 18GPM & 25 GPM
  • Jet Configuration: 1 Forward Jet, 2 Rear Jets

The SuperSpin II is a popular ½” rotary nozzle designed for jetting in 8-12” pipes. It is available as a 4018 or 4025 configuration with or without a descaling head. It’s primary application is tackling roots and grease, but it’s very effective in storm drains as well. The forward zero degree jet penetrates through debris while the two 35 degree rear jets are angled to cut easily through tough debris while blasting back roots, rocks, and grease. The whole nozzle head spins while jetting which allows for the full 360 degree cleaning of the pipe.