PDR Nozzle


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The PDR Nozzle is great in pipes with heavy sand, dirt, and debris deposits. The four replaceable rear fan or straight jets allow the nozzle to have a wide spray pattern uniquely suited for cleaning larger diameter pipes. A front port is optional for a forward firing jet. The medium weight PDR nozzle is machined from high quality naval brass and will follow the pipe bottom to thoroughly clean heavy debris. It is designed for use in 6 inch or larger pipes, but when skid mounted, the spray pattern will cover 24” diameter pipes. The 9″ drain extension is included.

The PDR Nozzle is a popular accessory for municipalities and contractors that do some culvert cleaning. The medium weight nozzle can be used in pipes 6” and up to clean heavy sand and debris. Mounting the PDR nozzle on a skid increases the performance by keeping the nozzle centered in the pipe, allowing for a more thorough cleaning.  The 9″ Drain Jet Extension is included