Ball Jet Nozzle


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Ball Jet nozzles are great basic general cleaning sewer jetter nozzles. When you have to work in drain lines with curves and tight spots, this is a particularly good choice as the rounded edges help the ball nozzle go smoothly around corners. This sewer jetting nozzle is made from stainless steel and is often used by plumbers for preventative maintenance, drain cleaning, or when working in pipes with mud or debris. The smaller Ball Jet nozzles are perfect to use in tandem with mini jet hoses to work in smaller residential lines with many curves and corners.

For a great price point, the Ball Jet Nozzle is also perfect to use in damaged or broken pipes. The round shape of the Ball Jet Nozzle is designed specifically to be able to maneuver over joints and curves in pipes. The nozzle orifices are drilled to precise diameters to guarantee accurate pressure and flow.
The Ball Jet Nozzle is one of the most economical high-pressure nozzles around. Select your pressure and flow, size, and configuration, and we will deliver your ball jet nozzle directly to you.
Ball Jets Available In:
3 Rear 1 Forward
6 Rear
6 Rear 1 Forward
Not sure if a ball jet nozzle is the right kind of sewer jetter nozzle for your hydro jetting equipment? The jetting experts at US Jetting are ready to help. We can answer your questions and make sure that you’re getting the exact right nozzle. Reach out to us today to discuss your needs and get all the help you need with your order.


A ball jet nozzle is a type of sewer jetter nozzle with a distinct spherical shape. These are general cleaning nozzles designed to clear pipes of debris, clogs, and build-up. The shape of these nozzles allows them to move easily in tight spaces or around bends, making them ideal for residential lines or restaurant systems. The flat areas on the sides of ball nozzle are designed purposefully for easy wrench gripping for removal and installation.
The main distinguishing feature of ball nozzles is their shape. Their rounded design allows them to work in pipes with many bends and turns. Ball jet nozzles can easily glide over joints and curves making them a versatile tool for plumbing professionals. They are available in many sizes and jet configurations as well.
Ball jet nozzles are ideal for general purpose cleaning and moving debris.
US Jetting offers ball nozzles in 1/8”, 3/8”, and ½” sizes with a variety of jet configurations. The end use application determines what jet set up would be ideal. Ball nozzles that are 3 Rear 1 Forward are general use nozzles because the forward jet will blast through debris while the rear jets will flush it back down the pipe. The 6 Rear ball jet would predominantly be used when you want to bring all debris back towards you, but no penetrating power is needed. The 6 Rear 1 Forward would be utilized when the pipe has blockages where additional rear jets are needed to thrust the nozzle down the pipe.
The size of the ball nozzle should match the hose end size of the sewer hose its being attached to. US Jetting offers ball nozzles in 1/8”, 3/8”, and ½”. Be aware that not all overall hose diameters match the hose end diameter (i.e. ¼” USJ Mini Hoses have 1/8” ends, and 5/8” USJ hoses have ½” ends), so it’s important to know the real hose end diameter.
Yes, because the jets of a ball nozzle are steel, you can use a regular tip cleaning to remove any debris. The only inserts that require a specific type of tip cleaner are nozzles with ceramic inserts.
The factors to consider when choosing a nozzle include the size of the pipe and hose, the type of debris in the pipe, the nature of the job (i.e. general cleaning or removing a hard blockage), and the layout of the pipes. It could be necessary to use multiple nozzles to complete a job successfully.
US Jetting’s ball jet nozzles are specific to a jetter’s pressure and flow. They are available in various sizes to accommodate many type of high pressure water jetters.
Nozzles used frequently should be inspected once a week when to ensure debris doesn’t build up inside the jets. Ensure all jets are free of debris by cleaning them with a tip cleaner to optimize the performance and increase the safety of the nozzle.
Yes, ball nozzles are great tools for removing clogs and for performing preventative maintenance. Hydro jetting has a long-lasting effect on sewer pipes, making it more efficient and thorough than snaking lines.