Ball Jet Nozzle


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Ball Jet nozzles are great basic general cleaning sewer jetter nozzles. When you have to work in drain lines with curves and tight spots, this is a particularly good choice as the rounded edges help the ball nozzle go smoothly around corners. This sewer jetting nozzle is made from stainless steel and is often used by plumbers for preventative maintenance, drain cleaning, or when working in pipes with mud or debris. The smaller Ball Jet nozzles are perfect to use in tandem with mini jet hoses to work in smaller residential lines with many curves and corners.

For a great price point, the Ball Jet Nozzle is also perfect to use in damaged or broken pipes. The round shape of the Ball Jet Nozzle is designed specifically to be able to maneuver over joints and curves in pipes. The nozzle orifices are drilled to precise diameters to guarantee accurate pressure and flow. The Ball Jet Nozzle is one of the most economical high-pressure nozzles around. Select your pressure and flow, size, and configuration, and we will deliver your ball jet nozzle directly to you.
Ball Jets Available In:
3 Rear 1 Forward
6 Rear
6 Rear 1 Forward
Not sure if a ball jet nozzle is the right kind of sewer jetter nozzle for your hydro jetting equipment? The jetting experts at US Jetting are ready to help. We can answer your questions and make sure that you’re getting the exact right nozzle. Reach out to us today to discuss your needs and get all the help you need with your order.