3/8″ Mini Super Spin – WT


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  • Hose Size:  3/8”
  • Pipe Size: 3-6”
  • Application: Grease & Roots
  • Pressure & Flow: 4000PSI at 12GPM
  • Jet Configuration: 2 rear jets 1 forward jet

3/8″ WARTHOG MINI SUPERSPIN – WT is a great nozzle for grease, hair roots, and sewer cleaning applications in 3 – 6” pipes. The rear jets provide propulsion, while the offset front nozzle gives a complete orbital clean and blockage penetration. The controlled rotation of the nozzle head allows for maximum non-streak cleaning of pipe wall surfaces.

3/8″  WARTHOG MINI SUPERSPIN – WT is perfect for light roots, grease, and sewer cleaning. It is popular for contractors who work with residential clients or customers in the food industry. This nozzle works best in 3 to 6” pipes and produces a full 360 degree orbital clean.

Within 6 months of its first use this nozzle requires WARTHOG SLOW OIL to be added with WARTHOG OIL SYRINGE.