1/2″ RPD Kit



To cover a large spectrum of applications, purchase our four pack of RPD nozzles in one kit at a reduced price. Kit includes a 3 rear 1 forward RPD, a 6 rear RPD, a Chisel Head RPD and an Egghead RPD drilled for 4000 PSI at 18 GPM or 25 GPM.

The Egghead Penetrator Nozzle differs from the Chisel Nozzle by a rounded nose. With forward jets to bore through blockages and rear jets for thrust, the Egghead Penetrator Nozzle can increase the performance of any high pressure jetting unit. It is a great nozzle to use when cutting through heavy grease deposits or root masses.

The RPD Chisel Nozzles have multiple forward firing jets that allow for maximum blockage penetration and debris movement. Most of the pressurized water flow is directed to the four forward jets to give the nozzle cutting and penetration power, while the four rear jets provide thrust for propulsion.

Machined from high quality stainless steel, RPD nozzles have a unique two component design. The two piece design allows for precise machining of internal water passages to reduce water turbulence and improve fluid hydrodynamics. The 3 rear 1 forward RPD offers general cleaning capabilities with some penetration. The 6 rear RPD is great for jetting from down stream with a sweeping motion, going in deeper with each pass to flush debris back down stream.

You can cover all your bases with this kit at a fraction of the price. Just select your pressure and flow, click “ADD TO CART” and have your 1/2″ RPD NOZZLE KIT delivered directly to you.