Jet Extensions


Skids play a critical role in maintaining the nozzle position within a pipe. In larger pipe diameters, skids help to elevate and position the nozzle closer to the center of the pipe for more even pipe wall cleaning. Skids featured here are all for 1/2″ hoses and Drain Jet Extensions are required. For more options, please contact the US Jetting Parts Department for information on other available lengths and diameter skids.

Drain Jet Extensions are fabricated from stainless steel pipes and have male NPT threads. In small diameter pipes, Drain Jet Extensions prevent the nozzle from turning or entering branch or lateral lines. In large diameter pipelines, Drain Jet Extensions prevent the high pressure hose from making a u-turn within a pipe.

Drain Jet Extensions also add weight to the nozzle end of the high pressure jetting hose. In certain applications, added weight is beneficial to keeping the nozzle on the bottom of the pipe for better clearing of heavy dirt and debris.

Drain Jet Extensions are needed when working with US Jetting Skids. The Drain Jet Extensions are inserted through the center of the Skid and connect the Skid to the high pressure hose and nozzle.