Hose Repair

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Hydro Jetting Hose Repair

Hydro hose repair is an essential part of increasing the longevity of your high-pressure jetting hose. All jetting hoses are susceptible to wear and tear during the jetting process. This can be significantly reduced by using crucial safety gear such as tiger tails, manhole rollers, and manhole protectors. However, if you do find that your hose has a burst and needs to either be mended or have new ends put on, many hydraulic hose shops can help with this problem.

Can a High-Pressure Hose Be Repaired?

Yes, but you must specify your brand of hose when you take it to a hydraulic hose repair shop. US Jetting brand and Parker hoses are comparable enough that their ends and menders are compatible. However, Piranha hoses require a specific crimping spec so the hydraulic hose shop must be made aware that the hose is a Piranha brand.

Regardless of the type of hydro hose, the repair process is usually the same. If mending, you need to identify the section of the hose which has been damaged and cut out the damaged section. Then you’ll have a gap in the hose. A mender will cover both ends of the hose connecting the two. That mender will be swaged to secure it on the hose. If you’re replacing a hose end, then they will cut off the end and swage either a female or male fitting to the end of the hose. Whether it’s a mender or a hose end, they must be able to withstand the same GPM or PSI that the original hose can withstand.

Keep in mind that if you are mending a hose, it may impact its ability to go around tight bends since there will be a short section of the metal mender that needs to make it around corners.

Hose Repair Tools

You can buy hose mending tools to mend or repair your hose, but for most people, it’s easier to take your hose to a hydraulic hose repair shop. This is a relatively cheap option as most fittings and menders cost around $30 and the crimping costs around $60. If you do decide to purchase a hose swaging tool and crimping machine for yourself, then keep in mind that special dies and pushers are required for mending.

Hose Repair Kit Near You

Wherever you are, US Jetting can get you the menders or fittings required to get your hose up and running. We deliver across the globe, in convenient timeframes.

Before you make the commitment to purchase your hose repair items, contact us to explore which options are best for your business.