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4000 psit 25 gpm


The 4025 [4000 PSI 25 GPM] is US Jetting’s most versatile jetting machine. With 4000PSI pressure it maintains the cutting power of a 4018, but magnifies the flushing power with the added gallons per minute. This gives it endless applications from grease and root cutting, to culvert cleaning and storm drain jetting. The 4025 unit can work in pipes ranging from 1″ – 48” and come standard equipped with 500 ft of 5/8″ hose.

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The 4025 has a true run-dry plunger pump and a state of the art HATZ Tier 4 diesel engine. It is a perfect unit for general cleaning in residential, industrial, and commercial jetting applications, with the added flushing power to handle many municipal applications. It has enormous versatility and can work in pipes ranging from 1″ – 48″. It can be fitted with water tanks sized 100 – 750 gallons (378 – 2,839 liters) or larger if required. The standard unit comes equipped with 500 ft (150 m) of 5/8″ hose.

The 4025 is available with different mounting options, including open trailer, enclosed trailer, open truck, enclosed truck and skid mounted. Different add-ons are also available such as control panels (with or without remote capabilities), additional hydraulic reels, alternative water tanks, mini jet kits, etc.

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  • Hatz 74 HP Tier 4 Turbo Diesel Engine
  • Run Dry Pump
  • By Pass water control Valve – For mini/micro hose kits in smaller lines
  • Pulsation system
  • Anti-Freeze System
  • Protective Pressure Disks
  • Duel 6000lb Torsion Axles
  • 500’ 5/8″ Hose
  • (2) Drain nozzles
  • JMS [Jetter Management System]
    • Basic, NonRemote and Wireless Remote (optional)
  • (1) 9” extension
  • (7) Position Swivel Hose reel
  • Aluminum Toolbox’s
  • Aluminum Fenders
  • Aluminum Fuel Tanks
  • 2 x 4 Tubular Powder Coated Steel Frame
  • Powder Coated Body of Trailer or skid frame
  • Choice of Electric or Hydraulic Brakes
  • One year limited warranty
US Jetting 4000 Psi 25 Gpm

4000 psi 25 gpm


  • Pipe Cleaning
  1. Drains
  2. Industrial Applications
  3. Laterals
  4. Sanitary Sewers
  5. Storm Sewers
  6. Grease Removal
  7. Root Removal
  • Fiber Optic
  • Gun Applications
  • Lift Stations
  • Jet Applications
  1. Mini Jet
  2. Micro Jet
  • Septic Leach Field
  • Unique Applicaitons
  • CIPP Linings
  • Vac Pumps



Weight 4000 lbs
Dimensions 233 × 89 × 73 in


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The Sand and Sludge Nozzle is designed for cleaning heavy debris in large pipes. With a flat weighted stainless steel head, 2 zero degree jets, and 2 fan jets, the nozzle easily glides over debris while allowing the rear jets to provide maximum thrust and cleaning power for large pipes. The Sand and Sludge Nozzle is designed specifically for the 4018 with a 1/2″ hose, but other configurations are available. The 9” drain jet extension is included.

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1/2″ WARTHOG SUPER SPIN II – WH is perfect for grease, roots, and sewer cleaning applications in 6 – 18” pipes using a 1/2″. The rear jets provide propulsion, while the offset front nozzle gives a complete orbital clean and blockage penetration. The controlled rotation of the nozzle head allows for maximum non-streak cleaning of pipe wall surfaces. The oil filled internal chamber slows the nozzle head from high speed rotation and lubricates the internal bearings for longer nozzle life.

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1/2″ Warthog Flexible SuperSpin – WS is one of US Jetting’s most popular nozzles for grease, roots, and sewer applications in 4 – 6” pipes. The 1/2″ 4000 PSI 18 GPM (4018) nozzle is often selected for restaurant and food processing facilities for its impressive capabilities with grease. However, this nozzle is equally effective in removing roots from lateral lines and descaling pipes.

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The JMS CONVERSION KIT has everything you need to upgrade to the JMS (Jetter Management System). Wire harness, control panel, remote are all included. It is easy to install on site, with only a few hours of downtime. The JMS makes operating and servicing your jetter easier with its built in fault system that alerts the operator where the problem is within the jetter. This allows for more specific diagnoses and faster resolutions.



The HEAVY DUTY DUMP GUN is rated up to 7,000 PSI and 15 GPM. It is highly effective for pressure washing lift stations, manholes, and culverts. This gun differs from shut-off type high pressure guns in that water continuously flows through the gun at all times either at high pressure or at a safe very low discharge pressure. It great for basic surface cleaning and hydroexcavation. A high performance orbital Monro Jet nozzle is highly recommended with this item.

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Dragon Jet

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The Dragon Jet Nozzle is a heavy duty nozzle designed for 1/2”, 3/4” & 1” hoses with flows of 18-100 GPM with an operating pressure of 4000 PSI. It is a high performance nozzle best for cleaning heavy debris in 12” to 48” pipes.

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the ultimate mini cleaning kit

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THE ULTIMATE  MINI CLEANING KIT with 1/4″ hose (1/8″NPT) includes three additional 1/4” nozzles; a 6 rear Ball Jet Nozzle, a 3 rear 4 forward Chisel Nozzle, and a Retro Spinner Nozzle. It is available in 100′, 150′ and 200′ hose lengths.

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500′ of US Jetting 5/8″ high pressure jetting hose is available at 4000 PSI working pressure. Please click “Request a Quote” and we will contact you soon to calculate the shipping and have your hose delivered directly to you.


Please call 1-800-538-8464 or send an email to




Basic requirements for safety during jetting are hand and eye protection. US Jetting came out with a new line of safety clothing, including gloves, that can protect against water strikes up to 7500 PSI rotary jet and 3000 PSI straight jet. These gloves, in addition to other safety gear, are highly recommended for all water jet operators to wear. Coveralls, jackets, pants, safety vests and aprons are all available as part of the safety line. Please contact US Jetting for more information.

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The MICRO HOSE KIT with 3/16″ hose (1/8″NPT) is the smallest diameter high pressure hose kit available. It is a great kit to use in residential areas and restaurants where they have smaller pipes with bends and elbows that the Micro Hose can easily maneuver around. The Micro Hose Kit is available in hose sizes of 75′ and 100′ and works best at 4000 PSI and under.

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