300 Gallon Black Water Tank


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The 300 Gallon Black Water Tank is made of .25″ thick Polyethylene. It is 35″ high, 61.5″ wide and 41.5″ deep. The thick black tank blocks out the sun drastically reducing any algae buildup.

The 300 Gallon Black Water Tank includes a sock filter and water tank lid. The water tank lid is 8” in diameter. This assembly includes the eye bolt and 18″ chain.  The water tank lid and the sock filter (J-357) is also available and sold separately.

300 Gallon Water Tanks

Hydro jetting can use a great deal of water, and it’s important to pair your water tank size with the required water amount you need while jetting. Higher flow units use water more quickly, so they often come with two 300 or 375 gallon water tanks. For the standard 4000PSI at 18GPM units, just one 300 gallon water tank should be sufficient water storage. US Jetting’s standard commercial water tanks are made of ¼” thick polyethylene which is a high-quality plastic material. The black color is strategically chosen to block out the sun to prevent algae or other plant growth that could clog up the filter.

Water Tank Accessories

All water storage tanks come with a sock filter (J-357) and water tank lid (J-063-LID – for standard tanks). They can also be purchased separately as spares.

How Much Does a 300 Gallon Water Tank Cost?

A standard 300-gallon water tank list price is $993.

How Big is a 300 Gallon Water Tank?

Water Tank Dimensions: 35” high 61.5” wide 41.5” deep

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If you’re looking for a water tank for your hydro jetting equipment, or if you have more questions about the types of water tanks offered, call your US Jetting representative today. We offer many sizes and configurations of water tanks that can be custom-made to suit your needs.