Safety Gloves


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When working with high-pressure equipment, safety measures such as Safety Gloves are extremely important for your jetting company. Any operators working with jetting equipment are exposing themselves to potential risk of injury, whether from the high-pressure stream or from the other risks associated with the jetting line of work. Therefore, it is essential to have the right safety equipment to minimize any risks and protect your most valuable asset – your staff. Safety gloves are specially designed for water jetting companies to protect operators or helpers from high-pressure water strikes. The US Jetting Safety Gloves protect against water strikes up to 7500 PSI rotary jets and 3000 PSI straight jets. Water strikes are particularly dangerous as not only does the water penetrate the skin, but also any toxic debris from sewers and drains that the operator is working in. These injuries can become extremely dangerous if not treated properly by medical professionals. Every US Jetting unit is sold with a safety tag to display to doctors if injured by a water strike. It is imperative that medical professionals are aware that jetting injuries may seem like an innocuous cut but can actually be extremely dangerous if mistreated.

All jetting companies and operators must familiarize themselves with the safety and liability concerns that come with working with high-pressure equipment. Basic requirements for safety during jetting are hand and eye protection. These safety gloves, in addition to other safety gear, are highly recommended for all water jet operators to wear. Not only do they increase safety, but they can also help businesses meet safety standards required to help reduce business liability and keep employees on the job longer.
What about your other safety needs? Coveralls, jackets, pants, safety vests, and aprons are all available as part of the safety line. Whole-body protection is highly advisable if you are working with high-pressure sewer jetting equipment. Please contact US Jetting for more information on the equipment you need for your jetting company and any other questions you have.