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The Manhole Hook makes it very easy to lift a manhole cover… makes it very easy to lift a manhole cover…

Save time and energy by using one of a MANHOLE HOOK. These metal manhole cover lifters use manual leverage to quickly and easily lift the cover off of manholes. These are easy to transport.

Jetting in Manholes

Many municipal plumbers have to access manholes to jet the sewer pipes when the blockage is in the city main line. This requires a permit for access but also tools to assist in completing the jet job. Recommended accessories are manhole hooks, manhole protection rings, tiger tails, and/or manhole rollers. Each of these parts offers a unique way to protect the jetting hose from what can be an extremely rough jetting job from a wear and tear point of view.

A manhole cover hook is a long metal tool that gives you the leverage to easily open manhole covers. On one end, the tool has a hook that slots beneath the manhole to lift it. On the other, it has a handle that makes it easier for you to lift and remove the cover. Manhole hooks are also called manhole keys, and it is very challenging to lift one without them. Lifting manhole covers with your hands alone is challenging and can cause injury, so we don’t recommend it.

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Manhole covers are exceptionally heavy. To hold up to the traffic above them, manhole covers are usually made of thick cast iron. If you attempt to remove the cover without the proper tool, you can seriously injure yourself. Be sure to follow proper technique, which is lifting with your legs and not your back, keeping your back straight, and not overexerting yourself.

A manhole protection ring is an orange plastic ring made from very durable high quality ABS plastic. Once you have removed the manhole cover with the manhole hook, the manhole protection ring perfectly fits over the edges of the manhole to protect your hose against the sharp edge of the manhole.

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A manhole roller is an alternative to the manhole protection ring. Instead of covering all of the edges of the manhole, the manhole roller is placed over the manhole with a spinning roller in the center which directs the hose into the center of the manhole, away from the sharp edges.

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Any plumbers who work in city main lines will need the tools to access manholes. Generally, those are municipal plumbers since it requires special permission from the city government to gain access to manholes.

Jetting in manholes can be extremely dangerous if not done properly. Before opening manholes, it is important to verify there are no dangerous gases in the sewer lines which could harm jet operators or bystanders. In addition to the various tools to protect your jetting hose, it’s also extremely important to take care that your nozzle and a few feet of hose are securely in the pipe you’re jetting in before turning on the jetting unit. If a nozzle isn’t fully inserted into the pipe, there is a risk that the nozzle could ricochet out of the pipe, around the manhole, and even come flying out of the manhole causing injury or even death. As with any jetting jobs, proper safety techniques and tools must be utilized to protect jet operators.

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