O-Ring Kit


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4018 O-Ring Kit for units 2002 and newer.

The 4000PSI at 18GPM O-Ring kit is contains all of the o-rings, springs, and back up rings between the inlet and delivery manifold heads in the pump. This kit is usually required when:

· Pump is leaking between the two manifold heads or at the bolts (see thumbnail)

Use this o-ring kit when your pump is on the younger side (3 years or less / 700 hours or less) and is leaking. Do not replace unless the pump is leaking – this is not a preventative maintenance tool. If the pump is 700 hours or older, it may require a Valve Kit instead which would replace more components within the pump.


Yes, these two kits are made for 4018 jetters built prior to 2002 and after 2002. For other pump rebuild kits, please contact your US Jetting representative as we have various options.

If your jetter pump is leaking between the manifold heads or at the bolts, you may need this kit.
This image can be used as a guideline to determine where your pump is leaking.
No, it’s possible if your pump is leaking at the plugs at the base of the manifold heads that the plug just need to be replaced. There are 3 types of plugs used in 4018 pump heads.
  • Hex head – has an o-ring J-002-1000-S
  • Allen head – has an o-ring J-002-1000
  • Square head – J-009-01
    • Download this PDF to help guide you on how to do your own O-Ring kit replacement. It doesn’t require taking to a service shop as long as you can follow the drawing.
    • For additional assistance, call your US Jetting representative.
    No, only replace the O-Ring kit if your pump is leaking.
    No, if your sewer jetter machine is over 800 hours it would likely be better to do an entire Valve Kit which replaces all components between the manifold heads and behind the manifold heads.
    No, it’s much more likely you need a valve kit which includes a seal kit which is used where the oil could be leaking. However, contact your US Jetting representative to determine if this solution is applicable for your specific leaking problem.