Flexible Superspin – WS Overhaul Kit


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The WS Overhaul Kit includes all internal parts to rebuild a Flexible Superspin. This kit is helpful if the seals inside the Flexible Superspin have blown, causing the nozzle to leak, or if the bearings have seized stopping the nozzle from spinning. Rather than replacing the whole nozzle, this kit can be used to replace those internal components to get the nozzle running back at full performance.

  • 1 x BJ 026 Port Plug
  • 1 x BJ 048-S Viscous Fluid, 6oz.
  • 1 x BJ 062-S Antiseize, 2g
  • 1 x RJ 008 O-Ring
  • 1 x RJ 011 Brass Seat
  • 1 x RJ 012-TO HP Seal & O-Ring
  • 3 x TJ 007 Ball Bearing
  • 1 x WS 010 Small Seal
  • 1 x WS 021-S Weep Seal
  • 1 x WS 029 Large Seal