The quality of the high-pressure hose you choose for your jetting equipment is crucial. Plumbing, municipal, industrial, and other commercial jetting applications require a high-quality hose that can be long-lasting under high pressure. All US Jetting hoses are constructed with a thermoplastic inner core tube and manufactured to provide long working life and maximum safety. All US Jetting hoses have a minimum burst rating of 2-1/2 times the rated working PSI of the hose.

Choose From Top Brands of High-Pressure Hose

US Jetting stocks a variety of high-pressure jetting hoses. Each brand is available from 1/8” – 1¼” inside diameter and various lengths can be purchased. Whether you’re cleaning drains, blasting grease, cutting tree roots, or pressure washing stadiums, US Jetting has the high-quality hose that you need.

Whether you’re jetting sewers, cleaning drains, cutting tree roots, or cleaning stadiums, we have the quality hose that you need. We carry the top manufacturers, including:

  • USJ: Our own US Jetting hose is trusted worldwide for its high quality and durability.
  • Piranha: As a brand, Piranha is known for its innovative hose that is strong and reliable.
  • Parker: Parker hoses are a high-quality and trusted brand for sewer jetting hoses.

We carry a wide range of hose sizes in each brand, including standard half-inch diameter and 5/8″, 3/4″, and 1″, at a variety of lengths from 250 feet to 600 feet.

Find Hose Repair Equipment

At US Jetting, you can also find everything that you need to repair your hoses. Unfortunately, no hose is perfect, and operator error, such as improper hose protection, will cause hoses to wear prematurely. It can be more cost-effective to repair your hose after minor damage than to buy an entirely new hose. US Jetting offers fittings and hose swage machines to make it easier for customers to fix hoses in the field. Hose protection products are also readily available to prevent unnecessary damage to your jetter hose.

Get the Quality Sewer Jetter Hose You Need at US Jetting

When you have a job to do, you need a top-quality jetter hose to make the most of your investment, and you need it delivered to you quickly. We work hard to help you get what you need fast to do your best, most efficient work. With the right materials, we can help you increase the number of jobs you take on in a week. Talk to our experts for advice today.

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Hydro Jetter Hose

Hydro jetting machines use powerful pressurized water to clean sewers, culverts, and other pipes. To handle this high pressure, jetters require special high pressure hoses that are specifically designed to withstand this industrial use.

What is Jetter Hose?

A hydro jetter hose is a specially designed hose that can carry water at high pressures to clean drains, culverts, and pipes. A high quality sewer jetter hose needs to be durable and resist kinking and bursting. No jetting hose will last forever, but if the correct safety tools are used, such as tiger tail holders and leader hoses, it will significantly improve the lifespan and safety of the hose.

Types of Jetter Hose

As the most trusted hydro jetter hose manufacturing company, US Jetting offers a variety of high pressure hoses. Our main types of jetter hoses are our own US Jetting hose, Parker hose, and Piranha hose. All three offer high quality, impressive performance, and simple repairs.

These hoses all come in different lengths and diameters of hose. These sizes including one inch, ¾ inch, 3/8 inch, 5/8 inch, and more. To determine what size hose is needed, you can follow the guide below to see what size pipes you will predominantly be working in.

Size of HoseWorking PressureGPMPipe Size
1”2000 – 3000 PSI50 GPM+12″ – 48″
3/4”2000 – 3000 PSI30 – 40 GPM10″ – 48″
5/8”3000 – 4000 PSI20 – 25 GPM8″ – 36
1/2″3000 – 6000 PSI12 – 18 GPM4″ – 24″
3/8”3000 – 4000 PSI10 – 12 GPM3″ – 6″
1/4”3000 – 4000 PSI5 – 8 GPM2″ – 4″
3/16”3000 – 4000 PSI5 – 8 GPM3/4″ – 1 1/2″

Care and Maintenance for Hoses

The most important thing to remember with the use of jetter hoses is that the lifespan and durability of the hose is almost entirely dependent on the care taken when using the hose. It is imperative to use safety tools such as tiger tails, and manhole rollers, or manhole protectors. The most dangerous risk for a hose is to be rubbing against the sharp edges of a pipe or manhole while jetting. Over time, this chafing can cause small abrasions in the hose which can lead to dangerous hose bursts. The general lifespan for a well-cared for jetting hose is approximately a year, but it that can reduce or expand based on customer precautions.

Accessories for Hydro Jetter Hoses

Some of the accessories you may need in addition to your hose include:

  • Mounted Mini Reel Kits: Easily mounted on your toolbox or rear rail, the mini jetter hose reel allows your jetting machine the versatility to clean smaller residential pipes.
  • Tiger Tail Holder: Put your high pressure hose through this protective tube to prevent your expensive high pressure hose from rubbing against the sharp edges of the pipe.
  • Leader Hose: This short hose should be attached to the end of your jetting hose and must be a different color to alert the operator when the nozzle is approaching the entry of the pipe. It also serves as a cheaper sacrificial hose that can be easily replaced.

Get Jetter Hose Near You

For more information on high pressure jetting hose, search “US Jetter hose near me” or call your US Jetting representative to determine what you need.

FAQs on Jetting Hose

Jetting hose comes in a variety of forms depending on application. Generally it is a special heavy-duty hose that designed to withstand high pressure water used to jet out sewer lines. For maximum lifespan, the hose needs to be strong, durable, and resist kinking.
To attach your nozzle to your high pressure water hose, attach the nozzle straight to the male end of the hose and tighten with a wrench. Ensure it is very tight so there is no risk of the nozzle coming off the end of the hose during the jetting job. There is no need to use Teflon tape or something like it to seal the nozzle to the hose since the nozzles are often interchanged and therefore the tape would be wasted.
Yes. All high pressure jetting units require a special high pressure hose designed to withstand the PSI and GPM your machine is operating at.
All high pressure hoses will have a working pressure rating and a burst pressure rating. For example, a US Jet-ting ½” red hose has a working pressure of 4,000 PSI and a burst pressure of 16,000 PSI. This means that the hose is designed to operate at 4000PSI but should withstand bursts of pressure up to 16,000 PSI if the hose is in good condition. The working pressure should match the highest PSI that you operate your machine at. Wear and tear naturally happens with hoses over time, but are often exacerbated by lack of appropriate safety acces-sories such as tiger tails. This wear and tear can potentially cause punctures, so hoses should be inspected reg-ularly for any nicks or wearing.
That’s an important question to answer before you select your hose. The size hose you use will depend on the size of pipes you’re jetting in and the pressure and flow your machine operates at. The chart below shows a general guideline for selecting your high pressure jetting hose. However, if you’re unsure, call the experts at US Jetting who can help you pick the right option based on your needs.
Size of Hose Working Pressure GPM
1” 2000 – 3000 PSI 50 GPM+
3/4” 2000 – 3000 PSI 30 – 40 GPM
5/8” 3000 – 4000 PSI 20 – 25 GPM
1/2″ 3000 – 6000 PSI 12 – 18 GPM
3/8” 3000 – 4000 PSI 10 – 12 GPM
1/4” 3000 – 4000 PSI 5 – 8 GPM
3/16” 3000 – 4000 PSI 5 – 8 GPM
When describing all hoses offered by US Jetting, including non-US Jetting brands, the size referred to is the in-side hose diameter. This is also the size used for fittings and nozzles. For example, if you purchase a ½” nozzle, that will work on your ½” inside diameter hose.
The price range for hoses for hydro jetting varies based on size, brand, and pressure. Call your US Jetting repre-sentative today to get information on which type of hose would be best suited for your application and budget.