1/2″ Parker Hose Black


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500′ of PARKER 1/2″ high-pressure jetting hose is available with 4000 PSI working pressure. Please click “ADD TO CART” and we will have your hose delivered directly to you.

500′ of 4000 working pressure with 16,000 burst pressure. High Pressure Jetting Hose is a wear item that requires occasional replacement. It has always been impossible to predict or define the lifespan of high pressure sewer jetting hose due to numerous field conditions encountered and operator negligence. Most damage to high pressure jetting hose result from the non-use of Tiger Tail Hose Guides that will result in hose ruptures. Hose due to damage or multiple hose punctures is costly, not only for the replacement of the high pressure jetting hose but the loss of productivity and revenue.

US Jetting maintains a wide range of high pressure jetting hoses in inventory for immediate same-day shipping. Inventory includes 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″ and 1″ hose diameters with lengths of 250′, 500′ & 600′ feet.

1/2″, 3/4″ & 1″ High Pressure Sewer Jetting Hose – Same Day Shipping Available.

All US Jetting High Pressure Jetting Hose is designed and manufactured to provide long working life and maximum safety. All US Jetting high pressure jetting has a minimum burst rating of 2-1/2 times the hose’s rated working pressure. The standard US Jetting 1/2″ diameter high pressure hose has a working pressure of 4,000 PSI with a minimum burst rating of 16,000 PSI.

All US Jetting hose is constructed with a thermoplastic inner core tube. The inner core tube is wrapped with a woven multi layer textile mesh reinforcement to reduce core expansion, prevent rupture and to provide flexibility. A second, thinner layer of woven textile material is then installed for the outer thermoplastic coating to bond to. The two textile layers are not bonded together, this allows the high pressure hose to expand and contract. Wire braid or mesh is not used to manufacture high pressure jetting hose (unlike high pressure hydraulic hose) to reduce hose weight per foot.

Parker Hose

What do you need from your hydro hose? Odds are, if you’re looking for high pressure, long service life, high durability, and just the right diameter, Parker hose delivers. At US Jetting we offer some of Parker’s hydro hose line, including their green and black hose, because we know they complement your best hydro jetting equipment. Discover what this hose has to offer you below.

What Is a Parker Hose?

Parker is a brand that offers a wide variety of hose types. Many are not suitable for our purposes here at US Jetting, where we primarily offer products for hydro jetting. However, Parker’s hydro hose is a valuable offering we’re proud to have in our line-up.

Types of Parker Hose

We offer two main types of Parker hose: black and green. Both hoses can handle up to 4,000 PSI. They are reinforced and well-designed to provide a long service life. As with all hydraulic hose, you should be prepared to repair your Parker hose. No hose can completely withstand the challenging environment of hydro jetting and it will rupture to some degree, eventually. We also carry these two Parker hoses in a range of diameters and lengths so that you can get just the right hose for your equipment. If you’re not sure whether Parker hose will work with your hydro jetter, your repair tools, or in your general circumstances, please reach out to the team at US Jetting. Our experts can guide you to make the best decision. Parker offers a variety of hose options, including flexible metal hose and hose for the mining industry. While we only serve hydro jetting needs here at US Jetting, you can find other hose types through Parker.

The Cost of Parker High-Pressure Hose

As with other hydraulic hoses, Parker’s hose is high-quality and therefore a bigger investment than hose that doesn’t have to meet such intense demands. However, it is not as expensive as some other industrial hose options. We can help with a clear quote on our current hose prices, or you can look through our selection for pricing information.

Alternatives to Parker Hose for Hydro Jetting

The Parker brand is not your only option when it comes to hydro hoses. We offer other brands that you might prefer, such as Piranha and US Jetting’s hose. We’re proud to offer all three options so that you can work with the brand you trust and get the specific hose for your circumstances.

Choose Parker Hydraulic Hose at US Jetting

US Jetting is proud to be a worldwide supplier of Parker hydraulic hose. We deliver all across the globe, even to some hard-to-reach places, and are committed to getting you your hydro jetting equipment on time. That includes any hose you might be interested in. Reach out to us today to discuss your options for hose, if Parker is right for you, and when we can ship you your hose.