5/8″ x 500’ Piranha Hose


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500’ of Piranha 5/8″ high-pressure sewer jetting hose rated for 4,000PSI working pressure and 12,000PSI burst pressure. This hose is most commonly used on 4,000 PSI at 25 GPM units. It is designed with a yellow seamless thermoplastic inner tube with a high tensile synthetic fiber braid reinforcement. It has an abrasion resistant black polyurethane cover and it’s Slick, Slither ® cover reduces friction, giving the hose seamless ability to go around bends. End fittings are ½” male NPT threads.

The 5/8″ Piranha high tensile performance hose has a temperature range from a minimum of -40 degrees Fahrenheit to a maximum of 150 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a minimum bend radius of 4″ and the hose weight is 0.16lbs/ft.

A high-Pressure Jetting Hose is a wear item that requires occasional replacement. It has always been impossible to predict or define the lifespan of high-pressure sewer jetting hose due to numerous field conditions encountered and operator negligence. Most damage to high pressure jetting hose result from the non-use of Tiger Tail Hose Guides that will result in hose ruptures. Hose due to damage or multiple hose punctures is costly, not only for the replacement of the high-pressure jetting hose but the loss of productivity and revenue.