Extreme Cleaning Kit


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THE EXTREME CLEANING KIT with 3/16″ hose (1/8″NPT) includes three additional 1/8” nozzles; a Micro Mini Elongated Penetrator, a Drop Head Nozzle, and a 1/8” Micro Button Nozzle. Hose lengths are available in 75’ and 100’ lengths.

The MICRO HOSE KIT is the smallest diameter high pressure hose kit available. It is a great kit to use in residential areas and restaurants where they have smaller pipes with bends and elbows that the Micro Hose can easily maneuver around. The flexible 3/16” hose with 1/8” end is used to clean pipes with diameters ranging from 3/4” to 2”. Included in the Micro Hose Kit are a Mini Button Nozzle and two fittings. The Micro Button Nozzle is a great general cleaning nozzle with 6 rear jets to flush back debris and 1 forward jet to penetrate. Also included are 2 fittings, one with a 1/8” end to thread into the nozzle, and one with a 1/4” end to thread into a 1/2” swivel fitting. The Micro Hose Kit is available in hose sizes of 75ft and 100ft and works best at 4000PSI and under.

THE ULTIMATE MICRO CLEANING KIT includes  a 1/8” 6 rear 1 forward Button Nozzle, a 1/8” 6 rear Drop Head Nozzle, and a 1/8” Mini Spinner Nozzle. Armed with these additional tools, there isn’t a residential job you can’t tackle.

75’ 2J-175-01-ASSY $395
100’ 2J-175-02 -ASSY $455