Safety Leader Hose


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Don’t underestimate the importance of the small but powerful safety leader hose. This is the short, high pressure, different colored hose attached to the end of the main high pressure jetting hose. They are purposely a different color from the main hose so that when the operator sees that color hose coming out of the pipe, they know the nozzle is approaching the end of the pipe, and they should shut their machine off.

Leader hoses are available in a variety of lengths, diameters, and pressures, but the most popular options are 10’ and 20-25’. The 25’ options are commonly used with dump guns.

All leader hoses come with a female end that attaches to the main high pressure hose and a male end that the nozzle attaches to. For more varieties, please reach out to your US Jetting representative for assistance.

There are many expensive components required on jetting machines, but some of the simpler crucial ones aren’t recognized for the important job that they do. The sacrificial sewer leader hose is one such part that every jet operator shouldn’t go without. It’s important that you choose a safety leader hose that comes in a different color than your main high pressure jetting hose. Female or male couplings or connectors are also available depending on what your main hose or jetting nozzle has.

Your leader hose pressure rating must either match or be higher than your main high pressure hose. Since main high pressure water hoses can be expensive, the safety leader hose acts as the inexpensive sacrificial hose that experiences the worst wear. This keeps your main jetting hose in better condition, extending its lifespan.