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How to Select the Right Nozzles for Your Jetter?

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Selecting the right nozzle for your jetter is a crucial element when running your jetting business. With various nozzles available on the market, choosing one that meets all your business needs and expectations can sometimes be challenging. Though your business will likely have multiple nozzles that you use periodically, these integral pieces of equipment can make all the difference in the quality of your work. Before purchasing a new nozzle for your jetter, ask yourself some questions.

  1. What will the nozzle be cleaning?
  2. What size pipes will you be using it on?

US Jetting provides a wide range of nozzle types varying from Enz nozzles, Stoneage nozzles, US jetting brand nozzles, Rotodrill nozzles, ball jet Nozzles, egg Nozzles, and many more. We also sell jetter nozzle kits.

What Jet Nozzle Is Right for Me?

To choose the nozzle that’s best for your needs, keep in mind the application you plan to use the nozzle in. Three categories are most common in jetting:

  1. General Purpose: A lot of different nozzles can be used as multi-use nozzles. Having various general-purpose jet nozzles on hand is great for tackling various daily jobs. These useful nozzles are great for removing light grease, ice, mud, or other elements. They are designed for various purposes to dislodge, penetrate, and thoroughly clean pipes.
  2. Roots/grease: Need to remove grease from lines? Look into nozzles that spin within the pipe while you use them. They are highly beneficial because they allow you to clean your line thoroughly, removing any grease and roots. This gives pipes an in-depth cleaning with nozzles that continuously rotate 360 degrees. Nozzles such as the 1/2″ FLEXIBLE SUPER SPIN – WS is an excellent example of a spinning nozzle that provides controlled and non-streak cleaning of your pipe’s walls.
  3. Culvert: Are you looking for nozzles that will clean pipes using higher flow? Flushing nozzles may be necessary to clear heavy debris in culverts or storm drains. Some great examples of culvert cleaning nozzles are our PDR Nozzle and Sand and Sludge Nozzle. Municipalities and contractors often use these culvert nozzles to clean large pipes.


Let US Jetting Help You Make Your Selection Easier

Now that you know about the three most common categories of jetting applications, you can find a jet nozzle that will fit your cleaning needs. Don’t invest in jet nozzles that are not right for your daily tasks. Choose ones that will exceed your expectations and make your job easier. Whether you’re looking for jetters, jet nozzles, hoses, service parts, or accessories, you can rely on us here at US Jetting to provide you with top-quality equipment. Trust a business that has over 31 years of experience and services businesses in over 44 countries. We know how to get you what you need to succeed. Contact us at 1-800-JETTING today to speak to one of our specialists.

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