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Guide to Emergency Repairs: Problems and Solutions

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Professionals who rely on jetting equipment have schedules to meet and clients to please. You may need an emergency repair when you get a hose problem or another issue with your equipment especially now that the weather is turning cold. Any delay in your ability to use your jetting equipment can lead to significant costs, delays, and even loss of a contract. You need to have the tools to make emergency repairs to your hose and jetting equipment or quickly deliver replacement parts. You don’t want to make improper repairs or have nonfunctioning equipment, as that can be a considerable safety risk. Here is what you need to know about emergency repairs.

The 911 Repair Kit

There are so many components on different jetting units, and many of these components are subject to high pressure as the jetter works. If any of these components fail you will need to get them repaired. Many of these can be done in-house if you have the parts or else you will have to wait for a service technician to be scheduled. Having the 911 repair kit on hand can help you make the repair yourself and get your equipment back up and running soon. Problems that the 911 repair kit addresses include:

  • Water selector malfunction
  • O-ring issues
  • Spare pressure discs
  • Filter element
  • Diaphragms ( if you have a radial-pump)

Hose Repairs

Considering the type of pressure your jetting hose is dealing with and the conditions under which it is working, it is no surprise that it can become damaged and possibly burst. Every hose, no matter how high quality, will eventually succumb to these cuts and scrapes. While most hose repairs need to be done by professional hose suppliers, having the right fittings on hand will make a big difference. These consist of male and female ends and menders if you want a smaller connection. It is well worth keeping one of each on hand.

For those that want to do it themselves a hose mending tool is a hydraulic machine that swages both menders and end fittings. Unless you have multiple jetting units, this work is generally best left to the experts.

Professional Repairs

Sometimes you need to take your jetting equipment in for professional repairs to get it working safely again. US Jetting can help with emergency repairs to your hose. We can also help by shipping out replacement parts worldwide.

Contact US Jetting

Whatever you need to complete your emergency repairs, wherever you are in the globe, US Jetting can help. We can also help you rent equipment for the short term so that you can keep your business running while your equipment is being repaired. If you have questions about any aspect of your jetting equipment, reach out to our experts today.

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