Maximizing Jetter’s Versatility: From Jetting Residential Drains to Culverts

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Hydro jetters are powerful machines that give contractors the ability to clean and service all sorts of sewer systems, from residential lines to industrial pipes to large culverts.

However, the right equipment is necessary to unlock hydro jetters’ full potential. With the proper accessories, nozzles, and hoses, hydro jetting professionals can expand the versatility of their machines to perform a wide variety of jobs.

This blog will highlight the tools available to plumbing experts and how they can be used to assist in specific scenarios.

An Overview of Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting has been around for decades but more and more, plumbing professionals are turning to this method to efficiently clear sewer lines from clogs and debris.

While there are still some plumbers that utilize cable or snake machines, the only true way to properly clear a pipe is using a high-pressure drain cleaner. When cabling, the operator is only able to achieve a puncture through the blockage to allow debris to seemingly flow through temporarily until it quickly clogs up again. With a hydro jetter, the machine creates a highly concentrated stream of water that penetrates fully through the debris while flushing it back. When using rotary nozzles, the nozzle will clean a full 360 degrees to achieve 100% blockage removal.

What Are the Advantages of Hydro Jetting?

Portable jetter machines offer contractors, residents, and business owners many advantages, including:

  • Better efficiency than snaking because it works quickly to eliminate blockages.
  • No need for harsh or toxic chemicals, as the cleaning can be done completely with water.
  • Sewer jetting maintenance plans can provide a preventative approach that ensures pipes are cleaned completely to reduce future clogs

Not only is hydro jetting highly effective, but it can also be used in diverse settings, including:

  • Residential lines
  • Municipal sewer systems
  • Industrial plumbing systems
  • Schools and campuses
  • Restaurants and food processing plants

To experience all the capabilities of sewer jetters, having the right tools is essential. Let’s explore how operators can maximize the versatility of their units in the upcoming sections.

Expanding Versatility with Sewer Jetter Nozzles

When operators arrive at a job site and identify the source of a clog, one of the first things they need to determine is which nozzle they will use. Nozzles are specifically designed to tackle certain plumbing issues. To find the right nozzle, operators need to determine:

  • The size of the pipe they will be working in: This information will determine the nozzle and hose size needed.
  • The type of debris they will be cleaning: There are nozzles designed to clear away roots, mud, grease, and other types of clogs.
  • The nature of the job: General cleaning nozzles perform differently than those designed to cut through tough blockages.

Taking a Closer Look at Sewer Nozzle Types

Now that the importance of selecting the correct nozzle for a job has been established, let’s examine the different types of nozzles available and their advantages:

  • All Purpose Nozzles: These nozzles would include USJ brand RPD nozzles that are great for general drain cleaning. They are often less expensive, and therefore ideal nozzles for going into an unknown pipe first.
  • Rotating Nozzles: These spinning nozzles are ideal for general cleaning or cutting through roots and grease. The rotating design of these nozzles provides a 360-degree cleaning in pipes, ensuring all dirt and build-up is flushed out of the system.
  • Penetrator Nozzles: Penetrator nozzles are designed to remove tough clogs, such as packed ice or mineral build-up. These nozzles blast through obstructions with powerful forward jet technology.
  • Chisel Nozzles: These nozzles have a geometrical design with sharp edges to cut through hard blockages.
  • Ball Jet Nozzles: Known for their spherical shape, ball jet nozzles can easily maneuver around curves and bends. This makes these nozzles ideal for residential and restaurant lines.

This is a general overview of nozzle categories, but there are countless varieties available. Every nozzle manufacturer will have these types of nozzles available in different sizes and jet configurations, allowing professionals to find the exact tools they require for a job.

Drain Jetting 101

Drain jetting is the most common applications of hydro jetting, due to the regular demand for clearing blocked pipes. Whether it’s residential drains getting clogged from homeowners or restaurant drains getting grease build up, the best way to take care of the issue is with a high pressure water jetter. If you’re wondering which unit is the best drain jetter, there are a variety of hydro jets designed for many applications. The beauty of water jetters is that they can adapt between these different jobs with the right equipment.

Exploring Mini Cleaning Kits

Mini cleaning kits are one way to transform any larger hydro jetter into a drain jetter that can handle even small residential lines. These kits are designed to connect to the main sewer hose (which come standard as 1/2”) and with an adapter and a smaller nozzle, allow a larger machine to tackle a jetting job in a small 2” – 4” drain.

The ultimate Mini cleaning kit include the following:

  • 1/4” hose designed for 2” pipes
  • Ball Jet Nozzle with six rear jets
  • With the up
  • Chisel Nozzle with three rear jets and 4 forward jets
  • Retro Spinner Nozzle

The innovative design of the hose and nozzles allows these components to maneuver bends and curves easily in residential lines.

Using Micro Cleaning Kits for Extreme Cleaning

Micro cleaning kits can turn jetters into an even smaller drain line jetters. Similar to the mini hose, the micro hose is 3/16” diameter and can work in pipes 1” to 2”. The micro hose kit includes a flexible hose designed for small-diameter pipes in residential and restaurant settings. The total extreme cleaning kit includes:

  • 3/16” hose
  • Mini micro elongated penetrator nozzle
  • Drop Head Nozzle
  • 1/8” Micro Button Nozzle

With these kits, contractors are equipped to navigate the multiple turns and bends found in residential systems. They can provide their customers with clean pipes and reduce the risk of future plumbing catastrophes.

Jetting Storm Drains and Culverts

Conversely to working in small residential lines, hydro jetters also need to be able to scale up to cleaning large storm drains and culverts.

As with every jetting job, these immense sewer systems require the right tools to ensure safety and efficiency, including:

  • Storm Drain and Culvert Nozzles: There are numerous storm drain and culvert nozzles available from different manufacturers. Designs and jet configurations can vary, but what sets these nozzles apart is that they are weighted to keep them at the bottom of large pipes. These powerful nozzles are intended to clear out thick sand and sludge found in culverts.
  • Skids: Skids are essential tools when servicing storm drains. They elevate the nozzle to allow the stream of water to reach the top and sides of large pipes. Skids are often used with rotating nozzles, but can be used with a wide variety of nozzles.
  • Jet Extensions: In storm drains and culverts, jet extensions prevent the nozzle from making a U-Turn and coming back at a high speed toward the operator. These extensions can also be used to add more weight to a nozzle when cleaning heavy debris.
  • Dragon Jet Nozzle and Dragon Jet Wing Extension: The Dragon Jet Nozzle is another type of culvert nozzle with a weighted design. It can be used with the jet wing extension to stabilize the nozzle and prevent it from flipping over in large pipe systems.

Easement Machines: Jetting in Remote Areas

In challenging or remote locations, easement machines are necessary to access these sewer lines.

These machines act as a mobile hose reel. They are equipped with tracks to travel through rough terrain and can reach areas that regular vehicles like trailers or vans cannot. The unit’s hose connection extends the power of hydro jetters to new environments, such as flood plains.

Explore All the Possibilities of Hydro Jetting with US Jetting

If you’re ready to discover how to maximize the versatility of your hydro jetter with a wide range of accessories, nozzles, and tools, contact the experts at US Jetting today.

Our company is a leading innovator in manufacturing hydro jetters and parts for all purposes. Whether you’re looking to aid homeowners with drain jetting services or want to tackle large-scale pipe systems like culverts, we have the tools you need to get the job done successfully.

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