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Powerful Solutions for Cleaner Pipes: Unveiling the Advantages of Sewer Jetter Trailers, Portable Units, and Hydro Jet Cleaning

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Under city streets, residential neighbourhoods, and large facilities, there is a vast system of pipes working to ensure people have clean water and consistent access to this essential resource.

For most people, plumbing is a necessary but invisible aspect of daily life. However, experts who work in this industry understand the immense importance of properly maintaining pipes to prevent property damage or costly repairs.

Enter hydro jetting; this revolutionary process uses a high-pressure, low-flow water system to effectively clean pipes and clear lines of tough blockages.

This blog will highlight the advantages of hydro jet cleaning and how portable units make it possible to service all types of lines to keep systems running smoothly.

What is Sewer Jet Cleaning?

Hydro jet cleaning is a process that uses highly pressurized streams of water to clean pipes and remove stubborn clogs. Hydro jetting can be used in almost any sewer system, from residential lines to large culverts.

A 4018 hydro jetting unit uses a diesel-powered engine and tri-plunger pump to create a concentrated stream of water. This water is transported through a sewer line with a specialized hose that can withstand the immense pressure.

At the end of the hose is a hydro jet nozzle which directs the water toward clogs and pipe walls. There are numerous hydro jet nozzles available, which are engineered for specific purposes, such as cutting through grease or tree roots. The nozzle also plays a key role in propelling the hose through the line by using a combination of forward-facing and rear jets.

Locations Where Hydro Jetting is Beneficial

Water jetting has a wide variety of applications across numerous locations. If pipes are in good condition and not too fragile, hydro jetting can be performed to remove obstructions or for routine cleaning. If pipes are deteriorated, then the pipe may need to be jetted and then relined.

Some common locations where hydro jetting occurs are:

  • Personal Residences
  • Restaurants
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Industrial Farms
  • Schools and Campuses
  • Large Recreation Facilities
  • Municipal Sewer Systems

Exploring the Advantages of Hydro Jetting

While many people are familiar with snaking lines or using chemicals to remove clogs, hydro jetting offers numerous advantages over these methods. Learn more about how hydro jetting benefits homeowners, business owners, and municipalities below:

  • Safety: When working with high-pressure streams of water at levels of 4000 PSI or more, safety is paramount. All hydro jet operators must have the proper equipment to perform this work, giving their clients peace of mind when they enlist the help of a plumbing professional. Additionally, since hydro jetting cleans using only water, this eliminates the need for harsh chemicals. Choosing hydro jet sewers is a safe method that reduces the risk of chemical contamination and run-off into the local water supply.
  • Efficient: Compared to snaking or other outdated plumbing methods, hydro jetting is far more efficient. Operators will often begin the process by “camming” the line, which involves using a special camera to locate the source of an issue. Then, using the correct nozzle and hose, they can quickly strategize how to clear the blockage. When people have a potential plumbing disaster on their property, every second counts. Hydro jetting fixes these issues promptly, lowering the risk of lasting damage or more serious plumbing issues.
  • Preventative and Long-Lasting: A major advantage of sewer jetting is that it gives pipes a long-lasting clean that prevents future catastrophes. Today’s hydro jet nozzles come in a variety of jet configurations, including ones that provide a 360-degree cleaning to pipes. Even if pipes are operating normally, over time, debris, minerals, and other materials will build up, leading to more severe blockages. Municipalities and property owners can be proactive by scheduling hydro jet services to maintain a pipe’s integrity and extend its lifespan.
  • Versatile: Hydro jetting is a suitable solution to address diverse plumbing issues. With the correct tools, contractors can clear lines blocked by ice, sand, sludge, tree roots, grease, mineral build-up, and other debris. Hydro jetting is a reliable process that delivers quick and lasting results.

Discovering Sewer Jetter Trailers

To transport sewer jetters to job sites, they must be mounted on a vehicle. Many contractors opt for trailer-mounted units, which can be hitched to a truck and pulled to a location. However, US Jetting can also install hydro jet units in enclosed trucks, vans, or open trucks, giving plumbing professionals custom options tailored to their needs.

Learn more about some of the hydro jetters available and their features below:

  • 4018 Industry Leader: This jetting unit features 4000 PSI and 18 GPM, making it US Jetting’s most popular unit. For over 34 years, the USJ 4018 has been providing contractors with high-pressure, low flow jetting technology to clear away a wide range of debris in 2” – 18” pipes.
  • 4025 Max Versatility: As its name implies, this unit is a suitable solution for numerous plumbing issues. With 4000 PSI and a powerful 25 GPM flushing ability, this hydro jetter can handle any tough job in 4” – 24” pipes. The enhanced efficiency of the 4025 ensures professionals can complete jobs quickly, allowing them to take on more work and boost their revenue.
  • 3040 Power Flushing: The 3040 Power Flushing unit is ideal for municipalities and contractors working in large pipes 8” – 36”. When mounted on trailers, this machine features a 750-gallon water storage tank. But, when installed on certain trucks, it can be equipped with a 1000-gallon tank instead.
  • 3030 Medium Flushing: For plumbing professionals or municipalities who require more flushing power than the 4018 or 4025 units, the 3030 hydro jetter is an ideal option for cleaning sewers and culverts 8” – 36”.
  • 10K+ Water Blasting: US Jetting engineers use hydro jetters to meet the needs of the industry professionals we work with. If you are seeking a unit that has PSI levels of 10,000 or more, our experts can create a custom unit. These machines are equipped with specialized hoses built to withstand the elevated pressure levels.

Examining Portable Sewer Jetters

While every hydro jet unit is portable, there are instances where operators need more flexibility to jet lines located in hard-to-reach areas. Take a look at some of the equipment available that optimizes the portability of hydro jetters.

  • Mini Jet Reel Kit: This kit is one of the most popular add-ons for operators. By attaching the unit’s main hose to the mini jet reel and opening the bypass valve to reduce water flow, contractors can create a portable reel that can be easily carried into homes or restaurants. This accessory is ideal for jetting drains and smaller pipes found in these locations.
  • Easement Machines: Sometimes, plumbing professionals are called out to remote areas, like floodplains, to service lines. These locations often have rough, uneven terrain, making it impossible for trailer-mounted jetters or van packs to get close enough to the line. Easement machines act as mobile reel extensions of a jetting unit. These machines have tracks, enabling them to move through various environments while pulling a unit’s main hose line to the correct location.

Ready to Unveil the Advantages of Hydro Jetting?

If you’re a plumbing professional looking to maximize your productivity and offer innovative pipe cleaning services, let the experts at US Jetting help you find the right equipment for your needs.

As an industry leader, US Jetting designs and manufactures high-quality hydro jet units, hoses, and nozzles. We also sell products made by reputable brands, including Warthog and ENZ. Our team specializes in fabricating custom products tailored to our clients’ needs that help them unlock the full potential of hydro jetting technology.

Give us a call to learn more about our custom products and accessories

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