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Types of Hydro Jetters: A Deep Dive into Different Units and Applications

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What is a Hydro Jetter?

A hydro jetter is specialized machinery engineered to clean all types of piping including sewer lines and area drains to remove blockages.

These machines can be mounted on a trailer, skid, truck, or installed in a van. Every unit contains an engine, a pump, a water tank, reel-mounted hoses, and nozzles. The engine powers the pump to create a concentrated stream of water, reaching pressures up to 10,000 PSI in some custom units.

The high pressure jetter uses a concentrated water stream to pulverize hard blockages without damaging the pipe. This technique is essential to maintain and preserve pipes. Hydro jetting prevents costly damage to these plumbing systems by quickly removing obstructions and materials, such as roots, grease, ice, mud, and minerals.

Hydro Jetter Industries and Uses

Hydro jetting is a process that has optimized the cleaning and maintenance of plumbing systems across the world. This process is suitable for many applications, from small residential lines to vast municipal sewer systems.

Sewer jetters are used by plumbers in homes to remove recurring clogs or help homeowners with slow-draining pipes. However, sewer jetting is also used to tackle storm drains, municipal pipes, or commercial sewers in order to prevent back ups. Industrial and commercial uses such as restaurants, food processing plants, and industrial farms also benefit from hydro jetting because fat, oil, grease, and debris often build up these pipe systems. The only way to thoroughly clean those pipes is to use a hydro jetter.

What Are the Types of Hydro Jetting Units?

1. 4025 Max Versatility

The 4025 is the most versatile jetting unit from US Jetting. It features 4000 PSI and 25 GPM flushing ability. This jetter can work in pipes ranging from 4” – 24” making it ideal for tackling lines in residences, industrial facilities, and farms. The 4025 Max Versatility is effective at clearing away a variety of clogs, including tree roots, built-up grease, and mud and sand in storm drains.

2. 4018 Industry Leader

This unit is considered the gold standard in the jetting industry. The 4018 Industry Leader has a run-dry tri-plunger pump, which gives this jetter unmatched longevity. This machine is suitable for a wide range of jobs, including cutting through tree roots and blasting away grease. It operates at 4000 PSI and 18 GPM and is appropriate to use in pipes that are 1”-18” in size with the right nozzle and hose accessories. This unit typically comes with up to 500 ft of jetting hose mounted on a hydraulically powered hose reel.

3. 3040 Power Flushing

Contractors who frequently work on large pipes or storm drains need a machine with enhanced power and flushing ability. The 3040 Power Flushing is that machine 3000 psi 40 gallon per minute. This industrial-strength machine can be fitted with 750 gallons of water storage on a tandem-axle trailer or 1000 gallons on certain trucks.

4. 3030 Medium Flushing

Featuring 3000 PSI and 30 GPM, this efficient machine is ideal for operators who want the flushing ability paired with high pressure to complete a job. The 3030 Medium Flushing is powerful enough to clear hard obstructions from storm drains, but it can also be scaled down with the right accessories to clean residential lines.

5. 2065 Max Flushing

When municipalities need a machine tough enough to tackle storm drain jetting and large-diameter pipes, they turn to the 2065 Max Flushing machine. With 2000 PSI and 65 GPM, the 2065 can clear debris and residue in pipes up to 48”. The 2065 can be mounted on a truck, skid, or trailer.

6. 10K+ Water Blasting

Contractors and industry who need more pressure from their units can contact US Jetting to explore custom units that reach pressure levels up to 20,000 PSI, although most are requested at 8,000-10,000 PSI range. These machines have a specialized hoses that can withstand the working pressure with a 2.5:1 safety margin.

Exploring the Versatility of Van Packs

US Jetting’s van packs take the efficiency and force of the 4018 unit but offer it in a more compact style. Van packs take all the features of trailer-mounted hydro jetting units available in a standard high-roof van. These units include a 150-gallon water tank, a pivoting power pull-out hydraulic reel, a mini reel, and an inlet garden hose reel. Van packs are suitable for jetting lines that are 2”-18”.

Besides their condensed size, van packs are a good option for plumbing professionals who live in cold climates. In very cold temperatures an enclosed unit, like a van pack, is preferred to complete jobs in these situations. Van packs also come standard-equipped with an antifreeze system.

A Hydro Jetter for Every Job: Custom Units

At US Jetting, we know that professionals in the plumbing and jetting industries can come across unique situations when they arrive at a job site. That’s why we offer custom jetting units to ensure professionals have the necessary equipment to complete their work successfully.

Custom units combine our mounting options with different engine and pump configurations. Jetting operators can also select the water tank size, number of hose reels, hot water boilers, vertical tanks, wireless remote controls and more. Let our specialists work with you to develop a unit that fits your needs and will effectively clean a diverse range of sewer lines.

Types of Hydro Jetter Nozzles by Application

Selecting the correct nozzle for a job is essential to maximizing the powwer and efficiency of a sewer jetter.

 A variety of hydro jetting nozzle types are available from manufacturers, including US Jetting, Enz, Stoneage, and Hydra-Flex.

Jetting nozzles are engineered in different shapes, allowing them to maneuver through different pipe systems. They also have unique jet configurations – a combination of forward and rear jets – to clear out specific materials.

Numerous hydro jet nozzles are available on the market, each tailored to handle a specific job. Below are some common nozzle types and their applications:

  • General Cleaning: General cleaning options include rapid power delivery (RPD) nozzles and ball jet nozzles. RPD nozzles have an innovative two-component design that reduces water turbulence. Ball jet nozzles are spherical, allowing these components to manage tight corners and bends when cleaning various sewer systems.
  • Roots and Grease: Tough blockages caused by roots and grease are no match for the power of rotating nozzles. These nozzles spin as they travel through the line, effectively cleaning and cutting through clogs. One of the most popular nozzles for this purpose is the ½’ Warthog Flexible SuperSpin, which is often called the “Root Rat” for its ability to clear tree roots.
  • Storm Drains and Culverts: Cleaning storm drains and culverts is an immense job that requires heavy-duty nozzles. Sand and sludge nozzles are engineered to clean these substantial pipe systems and clear away dense materials. These nozzles are specially designed with nozzles aiming at the bottom of the pipes where most of the heavy debris is generally found. These are larger and weighted for extra stability. Some nozzles, such as the Dragon Jet, can be equipped with a skid stabiliser to prevent the nozzle from turning over in these pipes.


US Jetting provides plumbing professionals, contractors, municipalities and industry with the equipment they need to tackle a variety of unpredictable situations that arise in sewer systems, storm drains and process piping. Whether they need to clear out thick mud and sludge from a large culvert or remove greasy residue from a commercial line, we’re committed to helping jetting operators complete these tasks quickly and effectively with our range of premium hydro jetters.

If you need to upgrade your unit or learn more about customization options, our informed representatives can help you locate the right machine for your needs. US Jetting is an industry leader in this niche market, offering unmatched knowledge and support for these specialized units.

To learn more, give us a call to speak to a US Jetting customer service agent.

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