Hydro Jetter? High Pressure Jetter? Plumber Jetter? Sewer Jetter – What is it?

There are various names used in the jetting industry for high pressure jetting machines, but it’s important to understand the basics. A hydro jetter is an industrial piece of equipment that uses high pressure water to clean sewers, pipes, and other surfaces. These industrial drain cleaners can be fitted with a water tank sized per the requirements of the operator. Depending on access to water, jet operators may find they need water storage anywhere from 100 gallons to 1000 gallons depending on whether the unit is a van pack, trailer or truck mount.

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In addition, most US Jetting units are built with a high quality Hatz diesel engine which drives the US Jetting run dry pump. A variety of hoses can be mounted on the hydro jetter depending on pressure and flow required for the application. The most popular jetting model, the 4000PSI at 18GPM, uses US Jetting’s brand of ½” high pressure hose rated for 16k burst pressure. This hose is specifically designed for longevity and durability while maintaining a high level of safety. Additional 3/8” ¼” and 3/16” hoses can also be added to jet smaller pipes down to 1”. After selecting the setup of your jetting unit, the next important choices are the nozzles for your applications and safety gear for your operators. Hydro jetters should only used by trained professionals who understand the unique safety requirements of the machine. Prior to, and during all operation of the jetter, any technicians or bystanders should utilize the safety gloves at minimum. There is various additional options for safety clothing such as vests, jackets, overalls, and boots. High pressure water strikes can be extremely dangerous and care should be taken by all operators to ensure all precautions are used.

Uses of Hydro Jetters

Hydro jetters are used for a variety of applications, but most commonly by plumbers to clean sewer pipes. However, that is not their only use. Here are some of the many applications for hydro jetters:

Types of Hydro Jetters

Hydro jetters are mainly differentiated by their pressure and flow. This will vary based on what application the unit will be used for. The most popular options are listed below.

US Jetting offers fully customized jetting packages as well standard units. From mounting options to accessories, to water tank carrying capacity, US Jetting builds everything to the customer’s needs. Jetting machines can be mounted inside vans, on truck beds, or inside enclosed trucks or trailers. Various types of reels such as mini reels or inlet garden hose reels can be positioned on the jetter, whether on the trailer tongue, back railing, or toolbox. Speak to a US Jetting representative today to help build your personal US Jetter.

Cost of Hydro Jetters

As with all high quality machinery, there is always a cost that comes with it. At US Jetting, we understand that we are not the least expensive jetting unit, and we take pride in the fact that our prices reflect our estimation of the quality of the machines we build. To offset that, we work with many financing companies that can help any new jet operator get into the jetting industry with low monthly costs.

In addition, we encourage new operators to evaluate the potential earnings from the ever expanding drain cleaning business. Most plumbing companies can charge $450+ per hour with a two hour minimum for jet jobs, which makes the approximately $1000 monthly finance cost highly affordable.

If you’re still unsure about the cost of a hydro jetter, you might consider renting first. Rentals are available from our Rent a jet locations and  will give you the opportunity to put the machine through its paces and see if it is up to your specific tasks. This will also give you some understanding of its operating costs before you take the plunge and commit to one hydro jet model. Rentals are available at the Georgia and California branches of US Jetting.

Trust US Jetting for Your Hydro Jetting Needs

If you are looking for a “Hydro jetter near me,” it’s worth it to call the experts at US Jetting and discuss what your needs are. There are many options for hydro jetters, and you want to ensure that you are making the right decision for your business. Contact us today.