What is a Drain Cleaning Machine?

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Drain cleaning machines are also known as hydro jetting machines, sewer jetting machines, or high pressure jettng units. These machines can be used for a variety of applications but their most popular application is cleaning drains. Most people commonly think of cleaning drains in residential toilets or sinks, but there is a wide range of drains that need cleaning. Restaurants are a common user of jetting equipment to clean grease out of their lines from their sinks. A late night meal with smothered and covered hash browns is delicious for the consumer, but the grease build up from the appliances and dishes beng washed can run roughshed in a fast food drain. That’s why many chain restaurants opt for their own jetting unit to service their various locations.

Other popular categories include industrial farming where the animal waste clogs drains, stadiums where the toilets see high traffic, prisons where one can only imagine what goes down the commode, and high density housing such as university dorms and apartment complexes. Where there is a large population, a jetter will be needed.

Types of Drain Cleaning Machines

US Jetting offers a wide range of drain cleaner tools that can fulfill niche uses. All jetting machines deliver high pressure, but the level of pressure depends on the gallons per minute of water used, size of pipes you’re working in, and debrs you’re cleaning in the pipe. Depending on the application, various mounting styles may be needed for your jetting unit.

In addition to the decision of mounting styles, you will need to determine the pressure and flow required for your unit. This is based entirely on the size of the pipes you plan to work in and the debris you’re trying to clean. A common misconception in the industry has been that heavy flow is required to clean drains properly. This has been debunked as high pressure low flow has taken over the market. What is most important is to marry the pressure and flow appropriately to ensure you have the pressure to properly tackle your debris and the flow to thoroughly wash it out.

After determining pressure and flow required, then water tank size must be chosen. The higher the flow, generally the larger the tank needs to be, unless you have access to water such as hydrants. These variables should all be factored into your buying decision – but don’t be overwhelmed. Call US Jetting to speak to a team of experts who can help make sure you get exactly what you need.

The Cost of Drain Cleaning Machines

The price of a drain cleaning machine really depends on the model and what you need to outfit your unit with. There are many competitors on the market who will lead you to believe the “cheap” jetter will do the job. Jetting units are extremely profitable investments, but they are investments. Buying low priced drain cleaning equipment will only lead to insufficient performance, higher service costs, lack luster customer service, and short warranty periods. When you buy a US Jetting machine, you’re buying the US Jetting quality which is unbeaten in the industry. We know we aren’t we aren’t the cheapest, but we price our hydro jetters according to the value and quality we know they are worth.

High pressure jetting equipment is a money maker, but we understand that it is not a small investment. That’s why US Jetting works with many financing companies who can help buy your commercial drain cleaning equipment for less than $1000/month. Since plumbers often charge $450+ per hour with a minimum of two hours for their jetting jobs, that return on investment can be quickly gained.

Choose US Jetting for Your Drain Cleaning Machines

Wherever you are, if you’re looking for drain cleaning machines near you,check out US Jetting. It’s worthwhile to call our experts and discuss your needs for these machines. If you’re not sold immediately, we also offer rentals, which can help you understand the equipment and your needs before you commit to purchasing a machine for yourself.

When you purchase a sewer jetter, you will also need other commercial drain cleaning equipment, including hoses, nozzles, safety equipment, and more. You can also find this equipment at US Jetting. If you’re not sure what you may need,our knowledgeable professionals can help you.