3/4″ Piranha Hose

High-Pressure Hoses: Your Key to Efficient Jetting Operations

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Productivity is the name of the game when you’re a contractor. With each job you take, it’s important to work with accuracy and efficiency. One element that makes a substantial difference in your performance is having high-quality tools and equipment.

There are several tools and equipment needed when operating hydro jetters. In this blog, we’ll focus on jetter hoses and how they contribute to efficient jetting operations.

Choosing the Right Hydro Jetting Hose

Hydro jetters are powerful machines that use high-pressure water to clean pipes, sewers, and more. To properly accomplish that, professionals need hoses that are specially designed to deliver water at high pressures.

At US Jetting, we offer a wide array of durable hoses for hydro jetting machines. Each option has features and functions that offer high-quality performance. Our main types of hoses include:

Each job is unique, which means it’s important to understand your needs before choosing a hose option to optimize your use of it.

How Materials Matter When Choosing a Jetter Hose

There are a few key aspects of hoses to consider when selecting the brand – flexibility, durability, and resistance to kinking. Each hose brand boasts different qualities that jet operators must consider when comparing the hose choice to their applications.

For instance, the reinforced thermoplastic construction of a piranha hose offers exceptional durability; this reduces core expansion and resists abrasion. This hose is stiffer and therefore good for customers who work in straight pipes where you’re pushing the hose up the pipe and don’t want it to turn around. The Parker and US Jetting brands have similar lining and offer a more flexible hose that resists kinking. Both are regarded as extremely high quality and durable.

The Significance of Maintenance on Longevity

With any tools or equipment, proper maintenance is the key to longevity. Regular inspection and use of safety equipment are the only way to ensure your jetter hose lasts for the long term. The biggest decider of the lifespan of high-pressure hoses is whether safety tools were utilized such as tiger tails, leader hoses, and manhole protectors. No matter the brand, the duration of a jetter hose relies on the care taken by the operator.

High-Quality Hydro Jetting Hose

Picking the right hydro jetter hose and safety equipment for your machine is crucial. We understand that there are a lot of options, so it can be overwhelming to know what’s right for your machine. We offer decades of experience and jetting knowledge to help guide you through all jetting purchases. Our goal is to provide high-quality solutions that allow you to complete each job efficiently.

Get the right jetter hose today! Call us to learn more and consult with our experts for free.

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