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Revolutionizing Cleaning with 4018 Industry Leader: The Power of Jetting Machines

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Power and efficiency. These two words perfectly describe the US Jetting 4000PSI 18GPM hydro jetting machine. But what is it that makes the 4018 so popular across the hydro jetting industry?

Maximizing Jetter Machine Effectiveness

When the jetting industry was still forming, there was a common misconception that low pressure and high flow were required to clear pipes. When Nick Woodhead, president of US Jetting, came to America, he would find himself constantly battling this concept. These days, high pressure and low flow have become accepted as the superior method to properly clean most pipes. As a result, the 4018 sewer jetting unit has become the industry standard for most plumbing contractors.

What makes the US Jetting 4018 the best?

The 4018 US Jet (along with the 2040 and 4025 USJ models) is one of the few high-pressure water jetter machines on the market with a true run-dry plunger pump. This gives the operator the safety of knowing that even if their jetting machine runs out of water, it won’t damage the pump.

In addition, the 4000PSI and 18GPM combination is the most popular pick because it has been proven to be able to handle pipes from 2” – 18” in a variety of applications. This sewer jetter can tackle debris ranging from sand, sludge, grease, roots, etc.

How is the 4018 so Versatile?

The USJ 4018 can scale up to pipes 18” or down to 2” by attaching the appropriate nozzles and mini hoses. The ¼” mini jet hose and 3/16” micro jet hose are sold in a variety of lengths and can easily be attached to the end of the main jetting hose. By opening the bypass valve that comes standard on all US Jetting units, the machine adapts to the smaller hose by maintaining the pressure but reducing the flow. Then these smaller hoses and nozzles can navigate through the tighter pipes with more bends while still blasting through debris.

To tackle the larger pipes, simply attach nozzles such as the Superspin II or Dragon Jet that allow the hydro jetter to fully clear pipes up to 18”.

Customizable and Adaptable High-Pressure Water Jetter

The USJ 4018 hydro jetter can be customized to fit a variety of mounting options. There is a compact van pack option that allows operators to temperature control their machine in colder environments plus easily navigate in smaller neighborhoods or on tighter roads. There are also enclosed or open truck-mounted options where the machine can be designed around the truck that has been purchased.

Water tank sizes can range from 200 gallons – 1200 gallons depending on the requirement. Additional reels can be added, such as adding a second large hose reel to make a dual reel option. Alternatively, smaller reels like the mini jet kit and inlet garden hose reel can be mounted on the rear rail, on the toolbox, or on the trailer tongue.

There are countless ways this machine can be customized, so reach out to your US Jetting representative to determine what machine specs make sense for you.

The 4018 Jetting Machine – The Best Decision for Your Business

Water jetters are an investment, which can make it daunting to choose the right one. However, you can be confident that the 4018 hydro jetter will be a reliable partner for your business.

At US Jetting, we work closely with our clients to determine the best options for their specific needs. We always want you to make a decision that is worth your investment. You can expect more than just top-of-the-line products from our team. We’re also committed to providing excellent customer service for the lifetime of our jetters.

Talk to us about getting your 4018 Industry Leader today! Give us a call for a free consultation.

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