Van Pack 4018 Promaster

The Ultra Compact Van Pack Sewer Jetter

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The long beloved van pack underwent a complete redesign due to popular demand for customers who want a powerful jetter but condensed into much smaller space. The result was the same industry favorite 4000PSI at 18GPM sewer jetter but consolidated so it can fit into most standard high-roof vans including Transits, Sprinters, and ProMasters.

Van Pack Hydro Jetter Specifications

The sewer jetter van pack dimensions are 89” long x 53.25” wide x 59.25” high. It comes standard with a 150 gallon water tank but an additional tank can be added to allow capacity up to 300 gallons. The major components are the same as the trailer hydro jetters including the 49HP diesel engine, 4000PSI at 18GPM run-dry pump, antifreeze system, bypass valve, pulsation etc. In addition, the van pack comes standard with a mini reel with up to 200’ of ¼” hose capacity and an electric garden hose reel with 100’ x 5/8” hose capacity.

Enclosed Sewer Jetter Capabilities

The 4000PSI at 18GPM van pack can jet lines from 2” to 18”. The ¼” mini reel accessory in combination with the bypass valve allows the van pack to tackle smaller residential lines, while the standard ½” x 500’ high-pressure hose can be fitted with any ½” sewer nozzles to penetrate through pipes up to 18” inches.

Vehicle Requirements for Vans

  • Minimum Payload (for unit only – must factor in any additional equipment such as cameras): 4000lbs
  • Minimum Wheel Well Clearance: 53.25”
  • Must have rear door and at least one side door (preferably two for easier access and air flow)

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When choosing any high-pressure jetter we know the decision is big. Call us today to go over exactly what vehicle you need for your enclosed sewer jetter or to determine which jetter is right for your application. We sell high pressure jetting machines of all sizes and we want you to get what you need to tackle your jetting jobs.

After you’ve selected your sewer jetter, stay in touch with us for regular jetter services to keep your machine maintained and for assistance with any sewer nozzles and accessories you may need. With service centers across the US and the ability to ship worldwide, we are your jetting partners for life.

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