Jetter Unit 3040 Power Flushing

Unblocking the Benefits of 3030 / 3036 Power Flushing: The Powerful Solution to Clearing Blocked Drains

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For most jetting needs, high pressure and low flow are the solution for clearing pipes. However, when it comes to large pipes and heavier debris, more jetting muscle may be required. The 3000 PSI at 30GPM or 36GPM may be a better solution for those needs.

Powerful Performance of the 3030 / 3036 Sewer Jetting Machine

The 3000PSI at 30 GPM or 36 GPM are a great option for high flow high-pressure jetting machines. These two similar machines are industrial-grade jet machines for sewers with large-scale blockages. This machine is a popular choice for many municipalities that deal in larger drains with heavy debris such as sand, sludge, silt, or mud. The higher gallons per minute paired with high pressure allow for quick and effective performance in large pipes and culverts.

3030 / 3036 Hydro Jetter Specs

Both the 3030 and 3036 drain jetting machines come with a 74 HP tier 4 Hatz diesel engine and a run dry triplex plunger pump. Their standard configuration is trailer mounted with 500’ of ¾” sewer hose and 600 – 750 gallon water tank capacity. With the popular combination of Hatz engine and US Jetting pump, these machines provide reliable and consistent performance to tackle any jet jobs in 4” – 36” pipes.

3030 / 3036 Accessory Pairing

To tackle heavy debris in pipes 4” – 36”, the 3030/3036 sewer jetter is best equipped when paired with a nozzle suitable for handling these applications. The USJ Dragon Jet is a great nozzle that has a heavy body to keep the nozzle on the bottom of the pipe while two rear fan jets blast debris on the pipe walls and two rear pencil jets flush debris back. The Superspin II nozzle is also a perfect addition to the powerful flushing jetting machine. The spinning head of the sewer nozzle has a front orbital jet plus optional side jets which allow for a full 360-degree clean while the rear jets push debris down the pipe.

Lastly, when dealing with large culverts, pipes, and manholes, flooding can often be a problem. The Vac Pump makes quick work of that by using the centrifugal force created by the main hose attachment to suck up any heavy debris to clear the job site so you can start jetting.

Versatile Applications

There are many features that can be added to 3030/3036’s to tackle a wide range of applications. Dual reels are available so the jetting machine can operate at 3000 PSI at 18GPM and 3000 PSI at 30/36 GPM. This gives jet operators the flexibility to adjust to smaller residential or industrial pipes while also being able to tackle large culverts. Like with all US Jetting sewer jetter units, smaller reels can also be mounted on toolboxes, on the rear of the trailer, or on the trailer tongue.

In addition, various configurations are also available, such as open truck-mounted skid units or enclosed truck-mounted skid units. For more information on what configuration is best for your hydro jetter, contact your US Jetting sales rep for a free quote.

Choosing the Right Sewer Jetting Machine

In this industry, having the right equipment is critical to the success of any project. At US Jetting, we always work closely with our customers to understand their unique needs. This allows us to help select the right machine that works best for your requirements.

Want to learn more about the 3030 / 3036 Power Flushing machine and other sewer jetter options? Give us a call today.

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