4025 Jetting Machine

Jetting for Every Job: the 4025 Jetting Machine

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What sets the 4025 Jetting Machine apart?

The 4025 is US Jetting’s most versatile hydro jetting machine at 4000 PSI and 25 GPM. This drain cleaning machine has the capacity to work in 4”–24” lines (and smaller if a mini or micro hose and appropriate jet nozzle is used). With 4000 PSI cutting power combined with 25GPM flushing ability, the 4025 sewer jetter can handle all your tough jet jobs.

The additional GPM of the 4025 gives this hydro jet drain cleaner endless applications, from smaller residential lines to tough jobs with grease and root cutting to larger culvert cleaning and storm drain jetting. This powerful sewer jetter is a popular choice for customers who work in residential, industrial, and municipal applications. It will make quick work of major jetting tasks, including clearing hard blockages and tough roots along sewer lines.

About the Machine

The 4025 unit can work in pipes ranging from 4″-24” and comes equipped with 500 ft of 5/8″ high pressure hose. The standard 4025 hydro jetting unit comes with 600-gallon water tank capacity, US Jetting water pump, Hatz 74HP diesel engine, and pivoting hose reel. With additional smaller hoses paired with the right sewer jetter nozzles, the 4025 can work in pipes smaller than 4”.

Customizing Your 4025

Us Jetting works to provide custom solutions for every business. While our standard machine features may cover most of your jetting needs, you can also customized your sewer jetter to ensure I’s suitable for your type of work. We offer upgrades to a remote control panel, updating to a hydraulic power pull-out reel, or adding a mounted mini jet kit, and even a dual-reel option. The dual-reel 5/8” and ½” jetter hose options on the 4025 gives the hydro jetter the ability to have the power of both a 4025 and a 4018 on one machine!

US Jetting will also work with you to make sure your unit fits your brand with custom color options as well. See some of our color units on our Facebook and Instagram @usjetting.

The 4025 Machine – Revolutionizing Your Business

The 4025 Max versatility jetting machine is the perfect sewer jetter for all your needs. With the high pressure and medium-high flow of a 4025, this jetting machine is great for contractors who want to handle a variety of jetting services.

At US Jetting, we work closely with our clients to determine the best options for their specific needs. We always want you to make a decision that is worth your investment. If you’re not ready to take the plunge, check out our hydro jet rentals which are available in Georgia, New Jersey, and California. You can expect more than just top-of-the-line products from our team. We are committed to providing excellent customer service for the lifetime of our jetters.

Talk to us about getting your 4025 Max Versatility today! Give us a call for a free consultation.

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