ENZ Grenade Bomb


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The ENZ GRENADE BOMB is a great nozzle to use in pipes with a large volume of debris. The heavy weight of the nozzle keeps it at the bottom of the pipe where it can easily disperse mud, sludge, or any other blockages. This jet nozzle can be ordered in various configurations to handle pressures up to 8,000 PSI. It is great for long distances because the rear jets give it thrust to get up the pipeline. This sewer nozzle can come with an optional front jet. Each size has six rear jets (except the 1\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" which has 8) for maximum flushing power. The inserts are steel and ceramic so they must be cleaned with special ceramic tip cleaners. Lastly, we’re looking at adding videos to our nozzle pages. I wanted to see what might be a better way for us to do this. I’m thinking Option 1 is to add it like a thumbnail the same way we did the pictures on the 4018 webpage shown below.