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How to Pick the Right High-Pressure Hose for You

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A high-pressure jetting hose is an important and relatively costly purchase, so care and consideration should be taken when choosing the right sewer hose for your needs. There is a wide variety of hoses available from trusted brands in different sizes, lengths, and heat restrictions. Deciding which works best ultimately depends on your application and budget.

If you’re looking for the best sewer jetter hose, this article will guide you through the process of selecting the correct one, from the critical questions to ask to some of the common applications of hydro jetters. If you have any further questions regarding high-pressure jetters and their parts, reach out to your US Jetting representative. Our knowledgeable representatives will gladly help you find the correct hose for your next job.

An Overview of Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is the best approach to sewer pipe cleaning and is the preferred method to service municipal and commercial lines. Hydro jetters create a high-pressure, low-flow water system designed to effectively clear away tough blockages in pipes, including:

  • Grease
  • Dirt and debris
  • Tree roots
  • Mineral build-up
  • Ice

What sets hydro jetting apart from old methods, like snaking lines or using chemical cleaners, is that jetting is also a preventative measure. It provides a 360-degree cleaning of pipes to reduce future costly blockages. Using hydro jetters is also much faster and solves plumbing problems before they turn into costly catastrophes.

The Role of High-Pressure Hoses

Every jetting operator needs the proper tools specific to the job they are dealing with when they arrive at a work site, whether they are removing grease from restaurant pipes or clearing away thick sludge from a storm pipe. One of the crucial tools is having the right sewer jetter hose.

During the jetting process, the operator inserts the hose equipped with the proper nozzle into the line. Powered by the jetter’s concentrated stream of rear blasting water, the hose and nozzle will travel through the length of a pipe, removing blockages while flushing away debris.

Selecting the right hose is crucial for many reasons, including:

  • It allows the jet operator to navigate through pipes, based on whether flexibility or rigidity is required.
  • Maximizing the power and efficiency of the jetting machine. If the hose is mismatched with the pressure and flow of the sewer jetter, it can result in poor performance.

Appropriately matching the hose to the pipe size. The hose size must be proportional to the pipe size operating in, otherwise it can result in nozzles or hoses getting stuck.

Top-Tier Jetting Hoses

US Jetting offers a huge variety of high-quality jetting hoses. From our own US Jetting brand, to Parker,  Piranha, and Flex hoses, there is a lot to choose from, and each brand provides different qualifications based on what you need.

Choosing The Right High-Pressure Hose

The most popular hoses are our US Jetting hoses, Parker hoses, and Piranha hoses. Parker hydro hoses are known for their durability, high quality, and lifespan, although jetting hose lifespan is always dependent on customer care.

Piranha sewer hoses are more economical in price and stiffer which can be useful for straight pipes where you are pushing the hose up the pipe and don’t want it to turn around.

US Jetting high-pressure hoses combine the best of both worlds by providing a high-quality hose for a more accessible price and have medium stiffness. This allows the hose to work in straight pipes and pipes with bends without kinking.

Finding the Right Hose: Critical Questions to Ask

Contractors who are looking to replace a hose or purchase one for an upcoming job should always ask the following questions before making their final decision.

  1. What size pipes will you be working in?

Whether you’re deciding between a 1/4″ vs a 3/8” pressure washer hose or ¾” hose for municipal lines, choosing the correct hose size is crucial for the performance of the jetter.  The size of the pipe you’re operating in determines the size of the hose and the flow rate required.

The chart below shows which hoses are best suited for which pipe sizes, as well as the corresponding pressure and flow rates:

Size of Hose Working Pressure GPM Pipe Size
1” 2000 – 3000 PSI 50 GPM+  12″ – 48″
3/4” 2000 – 3000 PSI 30 – 40 GPM  10″ – 48″
5/8” 3000 – 4000 PSI 20 – 25 GPM  8″ – 36
1/2″ 3000 – 6000 PSI 12 – 18 GPM  4″ – 24″
3/8” 3000 – 4000 PSI 10 – 12  GPM  3″ – 6″
1/4” 3000 – 4000 PSI 5 – 8 GPM  2″ – 4″
3/16” 3000 – 4000 PSI 5 – 8 GPM  3/4″ – 1 1/2″
  1. Will your application require the hose to navigate around tight bends?

If so, it’s best to go with the US Jetting or Parker brand.

  1. Will you be working with hot water? What temperature?

Standard US Jetting hoses can handle up to 125 degrees Fahrenheit, but if the heat requirements are higher than that, then you may need a specialized hot water hose.

  1. Do you need additional smaller hoses for working in residential lines that can be added on to your main hose?

Add-on mini reels with 1/8” or 1/4” hoses are available, which can be attached to the end of your high-pressure hose. These can be conveniently mounted on the rear of the jetter, on the toolboxes, or on the front tongue of the trailer.

A Guide to Jetting Hose Sizes

One of the key determiners of selecting a hose is choosing the right size. Hydro jetting hoses across all brands are referred to by their diameter, for example, a 1” hose or a 5/8” hose. As the chart above shows, the hose diameter directly corresponds to the appropriate pipe size, pressure rate, and flow rate.

Another number operators need to be aware of when selecting a hose is the length. Hydro jetting hoses typically come in lengths between 100’-500’. A hose’s length and its various options is typically found in a product’s description. Be sure to select the proper one for your needs to ensure you have enough to reach the end of the line you’re working on.

Understanding PSI and Sewer Jetting Hoses

All hoses come with two pressure ratings: a working pressure rating and a burst pressure rating. It’s important to understand these ratings because they also play a critical role in matching a hose with the job at hand.

The working pressure represents the regular PSI the hose will be used at during jetting jobs. The burst pressure is a much higher number and represents what PSI the hose could burst at. Keep in mind that operator misuse and wear and tear of the jetting hose could cause premature failures.

It is recommended to select a hose with a working pressure that matches the highest PSI a machine operates at.

Enhancing Versatility with Mini Jet Reel Kits

By now, we’ve examined the leading hose brands, and the key questions operators must ask themselves when selecting a hose for a specific job. Most plumbing contractors need several hoses in their regular rotation to complete a wide range of hydro jetting tasks. One of the most popular add-ons is the mini jet reel kit, which allows operators to service smaller residential pipes.

Mini jet reel kits are equipped with a 1/4″ jetter hose in lengths of 100’, 150’, or 200’. To remove blockages from residential pipes or restaurant grease traps, operators simply attach the main hose to the mini reel and open the bypass to reduce water flow. Then, they can carry the entire reel into a house or restaurant to clean its pipes.

Take a closer look at some of the details of these kits here:

  • Often used with the 4018 Industry Leader hydro jetter.
  • Effectively cleans lines at 4000PSI and a reduced flow rate of 8GPM.
  • Comes with a 1/2” hose connector to attach to primary jetter hose.
  • A 1/4” ball jet nozzle designed to maneuver the tight bends found in smaller lines is also included.
  • The reel can also be equipped with a 3/16” hose.

Mini jet reel kits help operators diversify their services by choosing a specific hose.

Hose Repair & Maintenance

The life of a high-pressure hose is ultimately determined by the care taken when using the hose. Safety gear such as tiger tails, manhole protectors, and leader hoses can all extend the life of the jetting hose.

Let’s explore these critical safety tools in depth to learn how they extend the lifespan of jetter hoses for pressure washers:

  • Manhole Protector Ring: Made from high-quality ABS plastic, manhole protector rings create a barrier between hoses entering a line and the sharp edges of a manhole. These rings drastically reduce the chances of abrasion-related holes and extend the lifespan of a hose.
  • Manhole Roller: This aluminum roller is used when a jetter cannot get close to a manhole. The spinning 3” roller elevates and guides a hose into a manhole, ensuring it doesn’t touch the edges to reduce the chances of tears or damage.
  • Tiger Tail: A tiger tail is a rigid polyethylene copolymer hose reinforced with an integral polyethylene helix. These devices attach securely to the boat hooks at the back of a jetting machine. When servicing a line, operators simply feed their hose through the tiger tail, which provides an extra layer of protection when entering a line.
  • Leader Hose: These short, color-coded hoses attach to the end of the main jetting hose. They alert operators that the nozzle is coming to the end of a pipe and the jetter should be turned off to prevent equipment damage.

However, if your hose does end up needing to be cut or mended, US Jetting offers that service in-house and also sells hose mending tools.

Whenever possible, it is best to avoid repairs by using preventative measures and the proper equipment. Frequently repairing or replacing hoses is costly, and equipment downtime could lead to missed job opportunities and revenue.

Get A High-Quality Jetting Hose Today

The right equipment for your jetting machine can make a huge difference in the way you can provide service to your clients. Choosing the correct hose allows operators to tackle tough blockages and thoroughly clean pipes in an efficient time frame, while creating a safe work environment and reducing the risk of damage.

US Jetting is your leading source of premium jetting machines and accessories. For decades, we have revolutionized the plumbing industry with our innovative products and technologies. Whether you need high-pressure water hose nozzles or hoses, we’re here to help! We have a wide range of jetter hoses that are always available should you need same-day shipping.

Contact us today for your high-pressure hose needs and we’ll give you a free quote.

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