Ultimate 911 kit

Why You Need a 911 Kit

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High pressure water jetting is not for the faint of heart. These heavy-duty jetters are used to penetrate tough blockages or blast away debris in various hard-to-reach areas. In order to keep your sewer jetter consistently running at full capacity, the best way is to keep a 911 Kit on hand. This kit includes all the parts you may need to get your hydrojetter quickly back up and running while still in the field.

There is nothing more frustrating when you’re in the field and a fuse blows. Fortunately, the 911 Kit includes all of your major fuses, including your control panel fuse. It also contains a fuel sensor which is an inexpensive but important part that could be the difference between packing up from a jet job midway through, or finishing the job successfully.

Additional parts included in the kit are the water filter parts, such as the clear bowl, gasket, and mesh element. These parts are essential to keeping the water clean and free of debris when it goes into the pump. If the clear bowl gets dropped and cracks, having the replacement on hand is extremely helpful so your hydro jet machine doesn’t leak when it’s running. The water selector repair kit can be easily installed if the water selector starts to wear out. Having these parts on hand allows you to quickly get your sewer jetter back up and running.

US Jetting high-pressure jetting units are built to the highest quality, but even the best machinery has wear and tear items that need maintenance or replacement. By purchasing the 911 Kit, you can avoid costly downtime for your jetter operators.

Buy 911 Ultimate Kit from US Jetting

For a more extensive kit of maintenance parts, you may also consider purchasing the US Jetting maintenance kit which includes the regular maintenance parts that your machine will eventually require to keep it in peak condition. This list includes a full filter set, sock filter, pump O-ring kit, plus more. Ask your US Jetting representative for more information on which type of 911 or maintenance kit is right for your machine. This will vary depending on whether your unit is a Tier 3 or Tier 4 model and if your engine is a 3 Cylinder or 4 Cylinder. No matter the model, making these proactive purchases are crucial for longevity of your machine and long term success of your high-pressure water jetting capabilities.

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