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Our 7 Top Selling Products and Why They’re Great

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Are you interested in jetting but feeling a little overwhelmed by the sheer variety of products available? Start with our most popular products, those that sell the most and that our customers find the most value in. Here are our top seven products that you might consider for your own needs.

1. US Jetting 4018

The US Jetting 4018 is the most popular jetting machine that we carry and a true industry leader. With high pressure and low flow, you can use this machine for a wide variety of jetting applications, from cleaning out residential lines to handling industrial sewers and pipes. It has a dry run plunger pump, which makes it more reliable and durable.

jetter unit 4018 industry leader
jetter unit 4018 industry leader

2. Flexible Superspin Warthog Hydro Jet Nozzles

The Flexible Super pin hydro-jet nozzles, also known as Warthog or Root Rat nozzles are one of our popular products. With the ability to blast through roots, grease, or other tough debris in 4-6” lines, the Flexible Superspin is a fantastic nozzle to keep on hand. At US Jetting, we understand that selecting a hydro jet nozzle is a significant investment, so our staff can help you choose the right one for your budget and application.


3. 911 Jetter Repair KIT

We understand that any downtime for your jetter is costly, so we supply at 911 Kit which helps fix your most immediate needs. Included in the kit is an O-Ring kit for your pump, a water selector repair kit, pressure dics, pressure disc holder, and a water filter bowl, gasket, and mesh element. These are all simple repairs that can keep your jet operators moving and make your business money. Don’t lose out on a job because of a simple pressure disc blown. Always stock a 911 Kit to keep your jetter in prime condition!

Ultimate 911 Kit


4. 300-Gallon Water Tank

Supplying water on the job can be tough, but our 300-gallon black water tank makes it easier. The tank is made of thick polyethylene that is tinted black in order to block out the sun. This greatly reduces how much algae can grow in the tank which reduces clogging the water filter. US Jetting offers a variety of water tank sizes and shapes to meet our customers’ needs, so contact a USJ expert for more information.

300 Gallon Black Water Tank

5. Jetter Hose

We offer a wide variety of jetter hoses from our own exceptional US Jetting brand to other prominent sewer hose companies such as Parker and Piranha. High-quality durable hoses are an essential product for jetting professionals. Speak to a US Jetting expert to help you make the best choice when it comes to selecting your jetter hose.

1/2″ Us Jetting Hose


6. 4025 Max Versatility

Need a little bit more versatility than the 4018? The 4025 is an excellent option to give jet operators the ability to range from small residential lines to 24” culverts. By maintaining the high-powered 4000PSI, but adding the additional flushing volume, the 4025 unit smashes through difficult debris in small or large pipes. For companies who offer jetting services for a multitude of applications, consider expanding your options by purchasing a 4000PSI at 25GPM US Jetting unit.

7. Rotodrill Nozzle

If you’re working in 2” – 6” pipes clogged with sludge deposits, our Rotodrill nozzle is a great solution. This high-pressure sewer nozzle is excellent for pushing material forward and blasting through debris with its front oscillating jet. With the rounded shape, it’s designed to smoothly go around bends.

Rotodrill Nozzle

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You can make your order for any of these essential products through our website. Or, contact us today to discuss these products and if they are right for your purposes.

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