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Important Service Tips for Maintaining Your Hydro-Jetter

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High-pressure jetting units are an investment that must be maintained properly to achieve maximum longevity and success. Simple steps should be taken regularly to ensure the long-term profitability of your sewer jetter machine. Below we outline the various tasks that should be done before every use of your machine, at specific intervals of your usage, and at various times of the year.

Every Time – Prior to Operation

– Inspect your hose for any damage or rips.

– Check your water filter bowl & mesh filter to ensure it is clear of any debris. Make sure you check the inside of the mesh filter as that is where debris will collect.

– Make sure your sock filter is present and clean.

– Check oil levels for the pump (using pump site gauge) and engine (using dipstick)



Tier 3 fluid filter change – after the first 50 hours, then every 250 hours or once a year (whichever comes first)

Tier 4 fluid filter change – after the first 50 hours, then every 500 hours or once a year (whichever comes first)

Check your pump mounting and adjustment bolts – tighten them once a month to protect your belt from getting loose and shredding as a result



Check frames for any cracks.

Check brakes (when applicable) by hooking your trailer to a truck and verifying they are stopping appropriately.

If you have hydraulic brakes, check your hydraulic reservoir to ensure it is still full of liquid.

Check safety chains for any weak or worn areas.


When you do any services or preventative maintenance at US Jetting service shops, we will do a full checklist (shown below) to ensure your hydro jetter leaves performing its best. Call a US Jetting representative today with any questions!

_____ Oil Change-Engine and Pump

_____ New filters (5) 3CYL, (6) 4CYL, (7) T4

_____ Fill the water tank, prime pump, start jetter

_____ Check pump for leaks

_____ Check for stress cracks in the framework

_____ Check electrical parts and battery

_____ Check and lube pillow block bearings

_____ Check anti-freeze system (if applicable)

_____ Check tire pressure & lug nuts

_____ Check for oil leaks

_____ Check nozzles for wear & debris

_____ Check water selector for leaks

_____ Check water filtration system

_____ Check pulsation system

_____ Check all plumbing

_____ Check swivel reel for leaks

_____ Check hour meter

_____ Check hydraulic system

_____ Check all high pressure hoses

_____ Check and lube wheels

_____ Check wheel bearings

_____ Check for sock filter & tank lid

_____ Belt proper tension

_____ Clean-Up/Degrease Unit

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