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Tiger Tail Hose Protector: The Ultimate Solution for Hose Protection

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Hydro jets are powerful machines that require expensive high-pressure jetting hoses. These hoses can handle a range of pressure up to 10,000 PSI or more, depending on their rating. In the course of jetting, hoses undergo a lot of wear and tear, particularly if not protected. One of the most important components that can protect your high-pressure jetting hose is a tiger tail.

Tiger Tail Hose Protector

Tiger tails are an affordable and crucial component to protect your hydro jetting hose. They are essential because they protect your high-pressure sewer jetting hose from being damaged by the edges of the pipe it’s entering.

To use, simply run your hose through the tiger tail, and tie the tiger tail with its cord to the boat hooks on the back of your jetting machine. By tying the tiger tail to the sewer jetter machine, it secures the tiger tail so it can’t get loose and go into the pipe. Then put the high-pressure jetting hose through the tiger tail and ensure it is positioned so the tiger tail is between the edge of the pipe and your jetter hose.

Features of A Tiger Tail Hose

Tiger tails are made from durable materials that make them strong and flexible. They are constructed with multiple layers of high-tensile wire braids. This provides them with extra strength, resisting any damage. These accessories are also reinforced with a special synthetic rubber cover. It protects them from abrasion.

Tiger tails are available in 1 ½”, 2”, and 3” diameter sizes to fit all jetting machines.

Benefits of A Jetter Hose Protector

One of the more expensive parts of a jetter machine is the high-pressure hose. Therefore, it is crucial to protect that hose by all means necessary. The tiger tail is such a simple and affordable tool that can save thousands of dollars by protecting the jetter hose.

How Does It Work?

Jetting hose can get damaged when rubbing against sharp edge of the pipe as it enters. Since the hose is regularly pushing into the pipe or pulling back of the pipe, there is an abrasion point throughout the jetting process. The tiger tail acts as a barrier against the pipe edge and protects the sewer hose.

Tiger Tail PVC Suction Hoses and More

Tiger tails are an essential component of any hydro jetting system. Their durability and protection make them ideal for a wide range of applications. Whether you’re looking for tiger tails or large-diameter flexible hoses, US Jetting has got you covered.

Apart from top-of-the-line jetter machines, we also offer a range of tools and accessories for your hydro jetting needs.

Want to learn more about uses, benefits, and tiger tail hose prices? Contact us today and get a free consultation.

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