The Ultimate Guide to Van Pack Jetters: Compact Solutions for Mobile Drain Cleaning

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If you’re a plumbing professional looking for a compact hydro jetter that still packs a punch, the van pack unit may be the answer for you. These machines match the strength and capabilities of other hydro jet models but offer the convenience of being installed inside a van.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll examine the key features, uses, and benefits of van pack jetters to equip you with all the knowledge you need about these versatile units.

An Overview of Hydro Jetting

A hydro jetter is a machine that creates a highly concentrated stream of water that can clear pipes and sewer systems of tough blockages. These custom units can be mounted on a trailer, truck, or as this guide will explore, installed inside a service van.

The Benefits of Hydro Jetting


There are numerous reasons why companies and municipalities choose hydro jetting over other methods to clean pipes, including:

  • The ability to blast through tough clogs including roots, grease, mud, ice, debris, and mineral build-up.
  • A full 360 degree clean that easily surpasses the small blockage penetration that cabling provides
  • Proactive cleaning that can prevent future plumbing issues and clogs by giving pipes a 360-degree cleaning that reduces build-up.

Where is Hydro Jetting Used?

Van pack jetters are used in many locations to properly and efficiently clean pipes and clear drains. These are some of the places where hydro jetting services are beneficial:

  • Municipal sewer systems
  • Agricultural facilities
  • Food processing plants
  • Restaurants
  • Campuses and educational institutions
  • Large recreation complexes
  • Residential lines and drains

Taking A Closer Look at Van Packs

Van pack hydro jetters can perform the same tasks as the 4018 trailer-mounted jetter. Like the 4018, these units have a 4000 PSI and 18 GPM run-dry pump. They are suitable for jetting lines that are 2”-18”.

If you’re ready to learn more about van packs, here are the specifications for the standard units and the components that are included:

  • Skid Dimensions: 89” Long x 53.25” Wide x 59.25” High
  • Weight Empty: 2500lbs / Weight Full (150 Gallon): 3750lbs
  • 49 HP Diesel Engine
  • Antifreeze System
  • Bypass Valve
  • Pulsation
  • Pivoting Power Pull-Out Hose Reel with 500’ x ½” Hose
  • Mini Reel – Up to 200’ x ¼” Hose Capacity
  • Electric Garden Hose Reel with 100’ x 5/8” Hose Capacity

One of the main benefits of van packs from US Jetting is that they can be personalized to align with your exact needs. With the help of our experts, you can select custom components and add-ons to create a one-of-a-kind machine capable of handling a wide variety of jetting jobs.

What Are the Vehicle Requirements of Van Pack Jetters?

One of the reasons why van packs are popular with hydro jetting experts is because they allow these professionals to equip their current vehicles with a jetting unit. Van pack jetters can be installed in most high-roof vans including Transit, Sprinter, and Pro-Master.

Additionally, the following factors must be considered when determining if a vehicle is suitable to house a van pack:

  • The jetting unit’s minimum payload is 4000lbs. Operators must also consider the weight of additional equipment.
  • The minimum wheel well clearance must be 53.25”.
  • The van must have a rear door and at least one side door. Having two side doors is preferred for easier access and better airflow when using the unit.

If you do not currently own a van but are considering investing in one for a van-mounted jetter, it is strongly recommended that you purchase the vehicle after consulting with US Jetting. That way, our experts can ensure the vehicle will accommodate your custom unit.

Exploring Custom Van-Mounted Jetters 

US Jetting is dedicated to manufacturing custom jetters that exceed our client’s expectations. There are numerous add-ons and customization options available to expand the versatility of van packs. In this section, we’ll explore some of those features and their benefits:

  • Water Tank Capacity: Van packs are equipped with a 150-gallon water tank, but operators have the option to upgrade to a 300-gallon tank. With a larger tank, plumbing professionals can complete more jobs before needing to refill it. A larger tank could also be ideal when working in remote locations where refilling is more time-consuming or inaccessible.
  • Remote Control Panel: Maximize efficiency with a remote-control panel that allows operators to wirelessly turn their units on and off or perform an emergency stop. This modern upgrade gives jetting professionals more freedom and control when operating their units.
  • Pressure and Flow Rate: A standard van pack has 4000 PSI and 18 GPM, but these jetters are also available with pressures between 3000-4000 PSI and flows of 8-18 GPM. If most of your business is servicing residential lines and drains, a unit with lower pressure could suit your company’s needs.

What Are the Advantages of Van Pack Drain Jetters?

By now we have established that van packs offer many of the same features as trailer-mounted hydro jetters. These compact but powerful units don’t compromise on quality or efficiency. This leaves many operators wondering if there is a significant advantage to choosing a van pack over another style. In this section, we’ll highlight the unique benefits van packs offer:

  • Compact Size: The primary advantage of van packs is their efficient and streamlined design. These units offer the same power and ability to deliver reliable results as trailer—or truck-mounted units, but in a smaller size. US Jetting’s recently redesigned model now offers operators the smallest footprint ever for a hydro jetting machine.
  • Ideal for Colder Climates: Van packs offer plumbing professionals a clear advantage in colder climates where the weather routinely dips down below freezing. While all hydro jetting units are equipped with an antifreeze system, in these areas, it is necessary to operate and store hydro jetters in an enclosed space – like a van – to prevent the engine’s diesel fuel from gelling. In these colder locations, where operators work year-round to remove built-up ice and debris from pipes, van packs offer the most versatility in various weather conditions.
  • Smooth Maneuvering: In addition to their ability to work in colder climates, van packs are also a wise choice in locations with unpredictable road conditions. In states like California, where roads can be narrow and winding or venture through rough terrain, van packs can maneuver these routes more easily than trailers or large trucks.
  • Unlimited Customization Options: When hydro jetting professionals partner with a knowledgeable expert like US Jetting to engineer their van pack, they’ll have the ability to customize the unit to their needs. From water tank capacity to pressure and flow rate to additional features like remote control panels, US Jetting is committed to manufacturing a unit that allows operators to tackle every tough job that comes their way.
Looking for Van Pack Jetters for Sale?

Let the experts at US Jetting help you create the perfect jetter for your business needs. For over 30 years, we have been industry leaders in manufacturing innovative hydro jetters. Our engineers continuously improve our models based on customer feedback and new technology.

Our van packs represent our dedication to creating effective jetting machines that align with our client’s needs. Give us a call today to learn more about our custom van pack units.

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