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Seven Best Hydro Jetting Products to Get You Started

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Are you new to the world of hydro jetting? Maybe you’re an established plumber looking to expand your capabilities or someone completely new to the hydro jetting world. Either way, here are seven of the best products you should consider when you are just getting started and are ready to invest in jetting equipment.

1. Safety Gloves

Safety first! Be sure that you and any staff working with the jetter are fully equipped with safety equipment. These safety gloves can prevent a water jet strike up to 3000 psi for a straight jet and up to 7500 psi from a rotary jet and are one of the essential tools for all jet operators.

2. Hydro Jetting Hose

Start with some of the most reliable hydro jetting hose there is. Industry standards require a minimum burst pressure of 2.5 times the working pressure.  The standard US Jetting red hose has a working pressure of 4,000 PSI with a burst pressure of 16,000 PSI.

3. Manhole Protector

When you put your hose down a manhole, you’ll find that the sharp edges can damage the hose and even burst it. Manhole protector protects the hose and protects your workers from dangerous potential pinhole leaks that can result from wear in the hose.

4. 4018 Industry Leader Hydro Jet

Why start with the best hydro jet? It’s simple; many people regret buying lesser equipment and then needing to upgrade at a later date when the unit they bought will not do the job. While you’re beginning, you may want to rent out equipment, but once you’re ready to invest, buy the best. You’ll save yourself greater expense down the road.

5. Flexible Super Spin Nozzle

This highly flexible super spin nozzle makes everything easier, including maneuvering to remove grease, cut roots, or clear ice and other blockages. It is versatile and straightforward to use, making it an ideal choice for those just getting started with hydro jetting.

6. The Egg Nozzle

Another excellent nozzle option that you may want to experiment with if you’re new to jetting. Egg nozzles are smooth and highly maneuverable in the pipe, perfect for cleaning with rear propulsion.

7. 911 Repair Kit

It’s wise to have a repair kit on hand. Unfortunately, when working with high pressure, your equipment does experience wear and tear. You’ll need a 911 repair kit to make emergency repairs when you’re on the job, and it’s better to have it on hand before you need it.

Find These Products at US Jetting

We carry all of the starter products that we have listed above and can ship them out worldwide. If you’re not sure whether or not the products are right for you, contact our experts to get help today.

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